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TIS, ACCS join forces to fight corruption under EU-funded project |26 April 2018




Transparency Initiative Seychelles has joined forces with the Anti-Corruption Commission Seychelles by signing a memorandum of understanding, yesterday, aimed at educating school children across the country on corruption. It is also aimed at improving good governance, transparency and accountability in Seychelles through outreach programmes.

The signing held at the Anti-Corruption Commission Seychelles (ACCS) head office at Victoria House is in the context of a European Union (EU)-funded project on the fight against corruption valued at 300,000 Euros.

Key activities under the 24-month project which will reinforce the capacity of Transparency Initiative Seychelles (TIS) and its stakeholders in their advocacy through technical help and equipment and will also focus on nation-wide awareness campaigns on anti-corruption to educate people about these issues.

The signing was done between the chief executive of ACCS, May de Silva and Chrystold Chetty of TIS. Present were Barry Faure, Secretary of State in the foreign affairs department; Marjaana Sall, ambassador of the EU to the Republic of Seychelles; Caron Röhsler, British high commissioner to Seychelles, and other members and staff of ACCS.

In her remarks, Ms Sall stated that corruption remains one of the biggest challenges of societies and that many countries around the world suffer from the evil of it, which undermines democracy and damages social justice.

“The European Union and its member states are engaged in the promotion of universal values, democracy ,good governance, rule of law and human rights for all, across the full range of partnerships and instruments including development corporation,“ Ms Sall said.

She spoke of the project that TIS is implementing and financed by the European Union, as a good example of how the EU together with its local partners on the ground, fight against corruption.

While adding other key activities under the project consisting of revising the existing anti-corruption act, reinforcing the capacity of TIS and stakeholders in improving their act through technical help

On his part, Mr Chetty said yesterday’s signing does not mean that TIS has not started working with the ACCS, something they have been doing since a couple of months.

“We got funds a little late last year but I can say we have been moving pretty fast. We have our office now operational, we have recruited staff. We have welcomed this programme with ACCS and we are going to start implementing from tomorrow onwards,” he said.

TIS is holding a programme with academia of the University of Seychelles tomorrow.




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