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Gender parity in President Faure’s revamped cabinet |27 April 2018

President Danny Faure has announced a cabinet reshuffle involving a reduction in the size of the Cabinet which will now comprise 10 ministers in addition to the president and the vice‑president.

The previous cabinet, which was named on July 2017, was made up of 12 ministers.

In the restructuring of government following the reshuffle, President Faure will retain all his portfolios which include the Departments of Defence, Legal Affairs and Public Administration.

Vice-President Vincent Meriton will also retain his existing portfolios which include the Departments of Foreign Affairs, Information Communication Technology, Information, and The Blue Economy. In addition, the vice-president will now hold the portfolio for Industry & Entrepreneurship Development.

Designated Minister Macsuzy Mondon will be assigned responsibility for Home Affairs, Local Government, Youth, Sports, Culture, and Risk & Disaster Management.

Minister Jean-Paul Adam remains the Minister of Health.

Minister Mitcy Larue will be the new Minister of Family Affairs.

Minister Charles Bastienne will be the new Minister of Fisheries & Agriculture.

Minister Didier Dogley will be the new Minister of Tourism, Civil Aviation, Ports & Marine.

Minister Wallace Cosgrow will be the new Minister of Enviroment, Energy and Climate Change

Minister Maurice Loustau-Lalanne will be the new Minister of Finance, Trade, Investment and Economic Planning, with Mr Patrick Payet as Secretary of State.

Minister Jeanne Simeon will be the Minister of Education & Human Resource Development.

Minister Myriam Telemaque remains the Minister of Employment, Immigration & Civil Status.

Minister Pamela Charlette will be the new Minister of Habitat, Lands, Infrastructure, and Land Transport.

President Faure thanked Minister Joel Morgan and Minister Peter Larose who are leaving the Cabinet. The president said they had made an extremely valuable contribution to the development of the country, and wished them all the very best for the future.

Meanwhile, the president also announced the appointment of Damien Thesee as the new principal secretary for finance, and Irene Croisee as the new comptroller general.

These changes take effect today, April 27, 2018.

Following the reshuffle, Seychelles becomes one of the few countries in the world to achieve gender parity with an equal number of men and women in President Faure’s cabinet.

This marks probably the first time gender parity has been achieved among ministers with five women and five men.

Also for the first time in Seychelles, a woman – Pamela Charlette, who only became a minister in July 2017, will head the ministry responsible for habitat and lands.

Minister Charlette, previously Minister for Fisheries & Agriculture, succeeds Minister Charles Bastienne. The latter has replaced her at the Ministry of Fisheries & Agriculture.






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