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Professional energy therapist sets up shop in Seychelles |27 July 2018

Energy healing therapy is known and practised in many parts of the world under various different names. In Japan, it is called Reiki, in India chakra healing, and in China Qi or “Chi”.

Energetic healing is an umbrella term for therapy that manipulates the energy circuits in our body and activates them to remove energy blocks. This purportedly stimulates the body's natural ability to heal itself.

Jonathan Matile, a professional Energy therapist, has recently opened shop at the Docklands Building on Latanier Road and provides his clients with such healing services as well as psychological counselling.

Mr Matile graduated from the University of Geneva with a Master's degree in clinical and developmental psychology but, after encountering a spiritual experience, felt his life naturally guiding him towards the use of spiritual energy. Hence, the reason why he also pursued his Certification of Master Reiki.

“Energy healing therapy cares for not only the physical or psychological parts of the body. It feeds the mind, body and soul,” Mr Matile says.

He, however, notes that energy healing is meant to complement conventional medicine and not become a complete alternative healing method.

“Much of what our body suffers is due to psychosomatic responses. Back pains, for instance, are often a manifestation of our mental state and negative energy.”

The key, according to Mr Matile and other energy healing practitioners, is to remove the negative energy through the application of positive energy and kindness.

During a typical therapy session with Mr Matile, the patient stays dressed and lies down on a massage bed and Mr Matile uses the scanning healing techniques as a method of treatment. This involves moving the hands over the energy field, a few inches away from the body.

“While doing this, the patient will often feel a hot or cold sensation in the affected area. They might even feel a slight prickly sensation,” Mr Matile explains.

To the naysayers and sceptics, Mr Matile says that energy healing is not some work of magic or “witchcraft”.

“It is practised by many people all over the world and it goes beyond spiritual or religious teaching, and I hope that people respect the freedom of conscience,” he highlights.

In that respect, Mr Matile hosts Saturday workshops on energy healing to teach others how to initiate their intuition and hidden senses so as to connect to their energy and learn to heal themselves. Mr Matile is of Swiss-Seychelles origins and has been practising clinical psychology specialising in therapeutic hypnosis in Switzerland before recently settling in Seychelles.

For further information, Mr Matile can be reached via phone (2820288) or email (




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