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Disabled youths’ dreams come true |04 December 2021

Disabled youths’ dreams come true

The disabled youths all set to live their dreams

By Patrick Joubert


To commemorate International Day of persons with disabilities, the Seychelles National Youth Council in collaboration with the family department, and elderly and disabled division within the Ministry of Youth, Sports and the Family, yesterday hosted a group of disabled youths to its ‘Make my wish come true’ activity.

The activity was to provide the disabled youths with the opportunity to experience one of their wishes. The‘Make my wish come true’ activity was part of activities for celebration of the youth festival organised this year in August. It was pushed to another day as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic which entailed health restrictions.

Nine students from the Vocational Training Centre (VTC) at North East Point and two from home-based, had expressed their wish to explore the marine wildlife and tour the country from above. Their wishes came true yesterday when the five boys and four girls from the centre were hosted onboard the semi-submarine at Eden Island to experience for the first time the underwater world in the Ste Anne marine park. The one hour trip to the underwater world was sponsored by the Semi Sub. They were accompanied by a facilitator from SNYC and VTC.

As for the two home-based disabled persons, Adrian Gill and Ruma Payet, they had their first ride in a helicopter and their first live experience of Mahe and its surrounding islands from the air. The trip was sponsored by Zil Air. They were accompanied by their guardians.

According to the organisers, the youths were overjoyed from the experience they had.


Patrick Joubert

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