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SGPA’s Christmas sale promises variety of plants and unique coco-de-mer nut |07 December 2021

The Seychelles Garden and Parks Authority (SGPA) will on Saturday December 11 be having a Christmas sale extravaganza at the Codevar Garden, with an array of endemic plants and world renowned coco-de-mer nut up for sale.

Set to start at 9am, the sale will feature plants of the medicinal, indigenous, ornamental and fruit type with a special 20 percent discount on all plants, and 10 percent discount on coco-de-mer nuts.

Medicinal plants that will be available for the public to take home to embellish their gardens and put to good use include bwa zoliker, tok marya, bazilik, lemongrass, bwa torti, and chives at different prices ranging from R60 up to R180.

A wide variety of ornamental plants including fox tail palms, mountain ebony, villea, zebra plant and picara will also be available at prices between R80 and R160.

Official of the SGPA, Isabelle Ravinia, notes that the Christmas sale will feature a special component, through the sale of a rare and unusually uniquely-shaped nut.

“We had our last sale on Saturday September 25, and it was a huge success. There was a huge rush of public in the morning and we quickly sold around 85% of coco- de-mer and plants. We will be offering a 20% discount on plants and 10% discount on coco-de-mer nuts, meaning that one can buy a coco-de-mer for R2250 (mis-shaped) and R3600 for a well-shaped one,” she said.

“At noon, we will be selling a unique and rare coco-de-mer, a tri-lobed one to the highest bidder. It is the first time that SPGA sell such a rare coco-de-mer in this manner. It will be great to come down and try and bid for it. If one cannot afford to bid it will be great to come bear witness to a historic bidding event and see who walks away with a rare natural treasure,” Ms Ravinia explained.

For the plant sale, ten types of indigenous plants will be available, namely, latanier fey, palmis, bwa dir rouz, bwa sagay and zakobe, while some rare local fruit plants including rousay, miska, kakao zonn, korsol, mangasay and bigarad will be available for prices ranging from R80 and R180.


Laura Pillay


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