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Paradise FM Chart Attack |27 December 2021

Cus Mun knocks Niklus and Vurna off top spot


After a seven-week reign at number one, ‘Ou Mari’ by Niklus and Vurna was knocked off the top spot, making way for Cus mun’s ‘Wonder’.

SBC’s Paradise FM Chart Attack has seen some exciting changes over the past week, with two new entries voted on, a new number one, and shifts almost across the board.

In third position is Julia with ‘Pilye’, only in its second week on the chart but climbing up from sixth spot nonetheless. With Julia’s climb, Daniel’s ‘Zistans’ slid down to fourth, in its seventh week in.

JDA has also slipped down one step, with ‘Large’ in fifth spot, five weeks after it first emerged on the show, as did ‘Ou Ki Mon Anvi’ by TX Real, Serena and Telemaquino, who has gone from fifth to sixth.

‘One Woman Man’ has neither moved up nor down, maintaining seventh position, in its third week. Jah 1’s ‘Fou Pour Ou’ which was at number eight has been replaced by ‘Nepli La’ by ALX, a brand new entry.

The second new entry, ‘Akoz ou’ by Amos Flow featuring Lil Yo, just about scraped it, making it to tenth spot.

The SBC Paradise FM Chart Attack is held weekly and is voted for by fans.


Laura Pillay

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