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SeyCCAT rewards students who took part in ‘Go Now’ online project |06 January 2022

SeyCCAT rewards students who took part in ‘Go Now’ online project

A souvenir photograph after the presentation of prizes (Photo: Thomas Meriton)

Secondary and post secondary students who took part and passed a short online course on sustainable development and the Blue Economy have been rewarded for their efforts.

The course was organised by the Seychelles Conservation and Climate Adaptation Trust (SeyCCAT), through its ‘Go Now’ project.

The students enrolled on the ‘Go Now’ online course using outreach and educational materials that were produced and made available for use on the SeyCCAT website and the social media platforms.

The students had to read and watch video presentations on sustainable development and the Blue Economy before answering 25 questions on what they had learned.

Eighty-seven percent of the participants (36) passed, most on the first try and some after the second or third attempts.

Making it at and over the 60-mark, their names were drawn for a prize in the draw bag. The prize-giving was held recently at the Family House Garden, Bel Eau.

Present were Elna Etienne, representative from the Blue Economy department; Michel Pierre, a representative of SeyCCAT and representatives of sponsors – Rolland Naya representing Suzuki Marine Seychelles and Veronica Houareau from H Savy Insurance.

The prize winners were Shani Poris, Ashley Albert, Maria Tirant, Esthel Raoul, Turissa Sullivan (Independent School), Rehannah Moses, Elodie Ah-Time, Rian Zialor (Beau Vallon secondary school), Hamish Larue, Gaia Jumaye (Seychelles Business Studies Academy) and Andrea Louise and Jean-Pierre Barallon (School of Advanced Level Studies).

Out of the group, Elodie Ah-Time from Beau Vallon secondary school and Turissa Sullivan from A-Levels at Independent School scored the highest marks in their respective categories (secondary and post-secondary respectively) and they were awarded with a special prize.

There were also special prizes for Beau Vallon secondary and School of Advanced Level Studies for the best secondary school and post-secondary institution.

Elodie said: “I joined the course because I have a passion for the environment and things to do with the sea. When I saw the course online, I figured it will be something good for me for the future and so why not participate.”

Giving her reaction, Turissa said: “With climate change and the problems associated with global warming and the use of plastics in Seychelles it is very important that we take this to heart and work to achieve greater sustainability.”

The ‘Go Now’ project is to empower the youth through education on sustainable development and the sustainable development goals so as to encourage them to either now or in the future engage in projects with organisations that promote and advance the concept of sustainable development and the Blue Economy.

Lisa Bastienne and Shafira Charlette are the initiators and co-leaders of the project.

Ms Bastienne explained that during the years they took part in voluntary work they came to understand that one of the barriers that keep the youth from volunteering in sustainable development projects is the lack of education about this concept.

“The youths need to be empowered so they can better understand what it actually is and why it is important for Seychelles and the world,” she said.

She noted that they had expected more students to take part in the online course but she hopes that more will participate in the next edition.

‘Go Now’ aims to provide outreach services to civil society organisations and all other stakeholders in Seychelles who are actively working to promote, conduct research, or implement projects focused on the SDGs, especially the Blue Economy and to translate these information into youth-friendly languages.


Patrick Joubert

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