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Goal setting for peak performance |22 January 2022

Without goals you are like a ship without rudder heading in no direction.

Defining your goals is just the first tool in your quest to win a first Olympic medal for Seychelles.

The work begins after you have clearly stated your goals for your sport. Stop running in the wood, set up your goals.

Now the hard work begins… Goals getting.

After your goal is clearly defined, it's time to plan, act, evaluate, and readjust when necessary.

Think of each practice day as a day to strive for your goal.

Set objectives each day to help you go after your goals.

This step is often overlooked by athletes and is the reason most athletes don't reach their goals.

Setting and getting to your goals is an active and fluid process.

So often goals are properly set but never accomplished because athletes fail to identify goals achievement strategies.

Think of this scenario. You are a swimmer who wants to make a national record cut in the 100 metres freestyle. You know you have to break 46 seconds but are unsure of the exact time standard. Therefore, you don’t have the best race strategy for yourself as you have minimal direction in training.

Do you think the chances would be in your favour to make a national best? You have hope but you don't have clarity.

A goal is clarity defined. Goals provide specific target. For example a basketball player can set a goal to increase his free throw percentage from 85 to 90 for the season. The goal identifies the starting point and desired destination. The goal can be measured and has a completion date ‒ the end of the season. Hope and lack of planning bring failure.

A goal setting is a programme that will not succeed unless those individuals who are paramount in the athlete's life support are playing their roles. They include the coach, the athlete’s family members, teammates and the sporting body.

Therefore, efforts should be made to educate these individuals and organisations in encouraging progress towards the athlete’s goal.

This article is based on my personal studies and experience in the field of sports in Seychelles. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to identify these challenges. The reason for this article is to get the athletes to visualise their goal and have a clear picture.


Maurice Denys

Certified Mental Coach

Dip. Sports psychology

DIp. Life coaching


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