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Ministry condemns public demonstration by housing applicant |22 January 2022

The Ministry of Lands and Housing has categorically condemned the public demonstration by one of its recent applicants for housing.

A communique from the ministry says that following a similar incident in 2017, temporary assistance was provided on a compassionate basis to stabilize the family, given the sensitivity of the triggering event.

“Due to non-conformity of the applicant with existing policy criteria, the support was terminated early in 2019 after various consultations,” the communiqué explains.

“Sadly despite recent effort by the applicant to confirm to existing requirements, in comparison to other housing applicants, more specifically those from her respective district, Anse Royale, her case was not considered positively for allocation in the district project,” noted the communiqué.

The ministry has re-iterated to all media houses that it will not elaborate on personal and specific details of its applicants. However it wants to reemphasise on the following;

  • Those in need of housing/land, should make an application early instead of waiting for events that affect them socially;
  • Service the application by making consistent contribution throughout and
  • Follow policy requirements and keep abreast of any changes in policy.


Communique from the Ministry of Lands & Housing

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