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Renovation work on Botanical Garden bridge wrapped up |26 May 2022

Renovation work on Botanical Garden bridge wrapped up

Botanical Garden manager Eric Sophola and Travizory managing director Tom Martin shake hands to celebrate a fruitful partnership

Renovation work on a bridge in the Botanical Gardens has been completed thanks to a generous donation from Travizory Border Security.

The small bridge is situated on the southwest side of the Botanical Gardens, offering much-needed access to the visitors’ facilities within the gardens. Built quite some years back, the bridge was deemed a hazard, following several broken planks and its unsteadiness. Combined with obvious ageing and wear-and-tear, the renovation of the heavily-used bridge was a priority.

Thanks to the donation from Travizory Border Security, the bridge has now been fully restored and provides safe access to visitor facilities in the gardens.

Allen Cedras, chief executive of the Seychelles Parks and Gardens Authority (SPGA), said: “The Botanical

Gardens is undoubtedly a must-see for all visitors to Seychelles, so the maintenance of the grounds is a priority for us at SPGA. The infrastructure of the Garden, from signage to footpaths and bridges, plays a vital role in creating a peaceful and engaging environment, so we are grateful for the contribution from Travizory to support our renovation work.”

Tom Marten, managing director for Middle East and Indian Ocean at Travizory, said: “We are delighted

to be able to work with SPGA and offer funding for such a simple, but important project that will ensure a pleasant experience for visitors to the gardens. Starting with a seamless digital arrival experience, Seychelles is committed to being a world-class destination for all of its visitors and projects like this give Travizory the opportunity to contribute to an unforgettable experience in-country.”


About SPGA

The Seychelles Parks and Gardens Authority is a corporate body created in 2021 for the management of

national parks and gardens previously under the jurisdiction of the Seychelles National Parks Authority (SNPA) and the National Botanical Gardens Foundation (NBGF) .The mandates of the authority are a combination of that of the two previous organisations and cover all aspects associated with protected areas, from research to sustainable forestry practices; eco-tourism to ex-situ plant conservation and protection of biodiversity. The SPGA is entrusted with the protection and management of all marine and terrestrial national parks and gardens in the Seychelles, including the Ste Anne, Port Launay, Baie Ternay, Ile Coco and Curieuse Marine Parks, as well as the Morne Seychellois National Park, the Praslin National Park, the Veuve Special Reserve on La Digue; the Botanical and State House Gardens and the Biodiversity Centre.


Press release from the Seychelles Parks and Gardens Authority

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