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Absa rewards staff for completing upskilling courses |05 July 2022

Absa rewards staff for completing upskilling courses

A souvenir photograph with the MD (Photo: Joena Meme)

Absa Seychelles has rewarded a dedicated group of staff who have successfully completed upskilling courses across different areas of finance and banking and leadership.

The 2022 Absa Colleague Achievement Event was held at the Seypec House, New Port where 16 out of the 17 Absa Seychelles staff from across different sections within the bank received their certificates to celebrate their achievements.

It was the managing director of Absa Seychelles, Johan Van Schalkwyk and other senior heads from the bank who presented the awardees with their certificates.

The seventeen awardees had followed 8 weeks to 12 months online courses from reputed local and internal institutions such as The Guy Morel Institute, the Oxford University in the United Kingdom, the IMD Business School for management and leadership based in Switzerland and the Human Change Management Institute (HUCMI) and the Absa Leadership Academy based in South Africa.

The courses which took place in 2021 ended early in February this year.

Addressing the awardees, Mr Van Schalkwyk said that while the bank keeps making available courses for staff development, celebrating their achievements is something that should be done a lot more.

He noted that staff should make it their responsibility for their self development which is a massive asset to not only their organisation but for their own marketable value.

Mr Van Schalkwyk called on the staff to embrace the trainings being offered while they also continue, on their own, to develop their curiosity and wanting to know more to increase their knowledge, by taking up reading that will apart from helping develop the skills base of Absa will to a much larger extent develop the skills base of the country’s economy.

He congratulated the course participants on their achievements.

On behalf of her colleagues, Viana Roucou thanked Absa for believing in their abilities and for investing time and money in them.

She noted that although it was very hard and challenging to juggle work and study, it was very worthy and they truly appreciate what had been offered to them.

She stated that they will return the investment made.

The 16 awardees present to collect their certificates for the different courses were Valerie Busetto, Viana Roucou, Marie-Jeanne Larue, Alvin Lebon, Amanda Bernstein, Tessa Vidot, Dominique De Commarmond, Sandra Sabury, Marcus Fred, Aubrey Valmont, Colin Adrienne, Valerie Vital, Joel Isaac, Hannah Pool, Brigitte Appoo and Helda Antoine.

Anica Aglae was not present to collect her certificate.


Patrick Joubert


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