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TRNUC to present interim report to President Ramkalawan on August 9 |06 August 2022

TRNUC to present interim report to President Ramkalawan on August 9

The TRNUC in one of their sessions

The Truth, Reconciliation and National Unity Commission (TRNUC) will present an interim report to President Wavel Ramkalawan on August 9, 2022.

This information was shared by Gabrielle McIntyre, the chairperson of TRNUC, during the launch of the TRNUC Association of Victims yesterday at the Chilli Bar Restaurant, La Louise.

“The interim report consists of five volumes. Volume 3 which contains all the case determinations is not complete and will not be completed by Tuesday. In Volume 3 we had 370 cases that we heard, 126 have been completely heard by the Commission another 68 cases are in drafting phase and unfortunately as much as we wanted to complete the exercise, we could not do it,” Mrs McIntyre said.

Volume 1 contains the introduction and background on why the TRNUC was created and the challenges and obstacles it faced along the way.

Volume 2 talks about the history of Seychelles and the beginning of Seychelles political parties. TRNUC shows the system that has been developed and how changes happened in the society after the coup d’etat.

Volume 3 contains the legal background/framework through which the case determination proceeds.

Volume 4 is on the Amnesty power and Amnesty procedures

Volume 5 is on the regulations and there is a section of four or five pages on the recommendations made by TRNUC.

Mrs McIntyre shared that in the last three years she saw many courageous people coming forward to share the painful events they went through. She will be leaving at the end of August with hopes that there will be continuity in the work done by TRNUC.


Vidya Gappy

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