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SRC extends its tax and customs education campaign to various entities across Seychelles |24 November 2022

SRC extends its tax and customs education campaign to various entities across Seychelles

The Seychelles Revenue Commission (SRC) has over the past four months hosted a series of workshops for various entities across Seychelles as part of its awareness campaign to provide further education about tax and customs processes.

The workshops, facilitated by professionals from SRC’s tax and customs division, covered a wide range of topics such as, the types of taxes administered by SRC, obligations of employees and employers towards income tax, the rights businesses are granted under the tax laws, the role and services provided by SRC, the customs laws, procedures, mandate and others.

The sessions, mostly delivered over a half-day between August and November 2022, were held at several premises including the Anti-Corruption Commission of Seychelles, L’Union Estate Company Limited and Seychelles Petroleum Company Limited.

Customised workshops were also conducted at the Foreign Affairs department focused on the importation of personal used household effects for returning residents or graduates as well as the customs protocol for members of the diplomatic corps and related exemptions under the Privileges and Immunities (Diplomatic, Consular and International Organisations) Act while a dedicated session highlighting the rights and obligations of a taxpayer was held with observers from the Seychelles Fishing Authority.

Staff members of the Seychelles Commercial Bank also had the chance to attend a specialised session on business tax providing more clarity on the administration, applicable rates and calculations of the different types of taxes under the Business Tax Act.

Through the interactive sessions, participants had the opportunity to ask questions, clarify doubts, and obtain clear guidance about tax and customs procedures.

Speaking about the outcome of the workshops, the director for Taxpayer Education and Service Delivery, Sheryl Barra, said: “Over these past months we have been approached by several organisations to provide guidance on various topics related to tax and customs laws, procedures, implementation, penalties among others.

“As it is part of SRC’s strategy to provide as much education about tax and customs to the nation at large, we are pleased that we have managed to meet the needs of all these organisations as at SRC we do not only aim to increase voluntary compliance, but to also use education as the key tool to transform tax culture in Seychelles.”

Interested organisations willing to learn more about SRC’s tax and customs services can request for a dedicated session via email to or by phoning 4294934 / 4293410 / 4294909 during working hours.


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