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Double appointment for Seychellois Angelique Pouponneau |03 December 2022

Double appointment for Seychellois Angelique Pouponneau

Our very own Seychellois Angelique Pouponneau has recently been appointed as trustee on two major organisations – the Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association (WIOMSA) and on the Marine Biological Association (MBA).

The WIOMSA board made this announcement yesterday and noted that the two new appointees – Angelique Pouponneau and Dr Julius Francis – individually bring a wealth of trust management expertise and experience which will energise and diversify the Trust.

The vision of MBA is to be the voice of marine biology and stay focused on marine biology. Their mission is to understand and disseminate the causes and consequences of environmental change in the ocean through research and discovery.

They want to give everyone the power to learn about marine biology and they provide access to our world-leading facilities and expertise and allow people to realise their social and environmental goals to make a difference.

In a chat with Seychelles NATION, Ms Pouponneau shared that “It's an honour to have been invited and selected to take on the role of trustee. It's a significant responsibility to support both a growing organisation, WIOMSA, and an established organisation that is looking to re-energise itself, the MBA. Both have indicated their interest has been in relation to my expertise and knowledge of the international sphere.”

How will she manage the new responsibilities? Ms Pouponneau added “Yes, there are only 24 hours in a day, but the expertise that the organisations are thinking is very much linked to my everyday work.”

Ms Pouponneau has worked for environmental causes in the Caribbean, Pacific and the Indian Ocean. She has been a board member of several environmental NGOs in Seychelles and around the world. Named one of the 100 most influential Africans of 2021. Deputy Fellowship Director & Policy Advisor to AOSIS Chair; PhD candidate; Former CEO of multi-million dollar conservation trust fund; Barrister and Attorney at law; Legal Expert in climate change, oceans and global commons; Speaker on youth, Blue Economy, Islanders’ rights in the face of rising sea levels, climate change, legal barriers to gender equality; Queen’s Young Leader; Experience in running not-for-profit organisations; Experience in working in multi-stakeholder contexts; Track record of bringing about impact to local communities, especially youth and women.

Seychelles NATION congratulates Ms Pouponneau on her achievements and wishes her all the best.

Vidya Gappy

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