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New book, ‘Colours of Seychelles’, launched   |28 December 2022

New book, ‘Colours of Seychelles’, launched   

The author autographing a copy of her book

A collection of photos and poems


A new colourful book depicting a collection of poems and photos about Seychelles was launched last week in a shorty ceremony at Kenwyn House gallery, in Victoria.

The book, the brainchild and work of Penny Belmont, is entitled ‘Colours of Seychelles’ and is a first in a series the author/photographer plans to publish.

The book, which according to Ms Belmont was a well-kept secret, was launched in front of a small group of relatives and close friends.

She said it had been a long time coming as it was on her wish list and the initial plan was to launch it in February next year for her birthday.

However, she kept putting it off as she was busy with work.

“It was while I was away with the CJSOI delegation that I decided to get down to it. On that particular day I had received an unpleasant message earlier that was upsetting. In the middle of the night, I got this wake-up call, where I questioned myself about what was I doing that made me happy. That was the motivation right there to get me started,” explained Ms Belmont

She said because she loves nature and colours, which bring out emotions and feelings, she wanted to depict life through all of these photos and poems.

“Seychelles is rich and we are blessed by what we see and experience everyday here in this country and these come out through my book through colours. I wanted to show happiness, to bring a smile to people’s faces, through various photos such as flowers, fruits, and beautiful scenery of our country,” she said.

She added that she was also capturing the present for future generation “who might not see what we have today few years on so this book is also for the future generation. That is why I took Seychelles colours and put them into perspective so that we can see it.

Ms Belmont said she gets her inspirations for the poems from the many close family and friends she talks to everyday.

“Each person who are here today have a special place in my heart and have influenced me in one way or another, so each person who reads my poems, will be able to relate to something in there,” added Ms Belmont.

She thanked all of them for their inspirations with a special mention to two; namely Gilbert Pool whom she said introduced her to photography and inspired her to become a photographer, and her friend Gracy Arrissol.

She presented each one with a copy of her book.

One of her family members who spoke on behalf of the family, Azarel Ernesta, said the book was a welcoming surprise and she was glad it was finally here.

“I am very proud of you and cannot wait to see what’s in there. On behalf of the family I would like to say that we are very proud of you. Keep it coming and you have my support. I am very curious to see what’s in there, and future ones as well,” she said.

Ms Belmont said ‘Colours of Seychelles’ is a first in a series as she plans to portray the country’s tradition, people and food in other books. She is also thinking about writing her memoir and children’s books.

The book is on sale at R699 and can be purchased from Ms Belmont herself while she negotiates with bookshops.


Patsy Canaya

Photos: Joena Meme

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