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Athletics: Cross-country series |24 January 2023

No record as participation increases


No record fell on Saturday in the second races of the ongoing cross-country series as the number of runners increased compared to a week before.

This time, 14 runners were present at the fitness trail, Roche Caïman to take up the challenge of completing the different distances they had registered to run.

Nikita Sharma was unchallenged in the female under-16 (U-16) 2km (1 lap) race and finished in a time of 11 minutes 29.3 seconds (11:29.3) more than 3 minutes slower than the 8:11.9 record set on 27.11.2021 by Chloe Joubert.

Joubert had a chance to improve her performance in the female youth U-18 4km (2 laps) race after reaching the finish line in a time of 22:19.0, but she did not take the start of the race.

Meryle Rabat is the youth (U-18) 4km record holder with a time of 15:32.4 set on 07.02.2016.

In the male U-18 4km race, Shane Fred, who clocked 14:59.6 in the first race, failed to make it two wins as he could only take third place behind race winner Tiphano Uranie who was not present for the first race.

Running for the Inner Islands team, Uranie stopped the clock at 14:04.3 which is more than a minute slower than Mervin Monthy’s record of 13:24.5 set on 07.02.2016. Adley Lauricourt again finished second in 15:13.4 followed in third position by Shane Fred in 16:57.6.

All eyes were on Neil Azemia for the male junior (U-20) 8km (4 laps) race, especially after he had shattered the previous record of 27:32.3 set on 15.02.2014 by Yannick Magnan when he clocked 24:58.0. Unfortunately for Azemia, he could not match his previous performance and only finished the race in 33:02.4, but the only consolation for him was a second consecutive victory.

In the female senior (over-20) category, Brenda Larue made it two wins in a row after she completed the five-lap (10 kilometres) race in 53:25.1.

Anita Amasogna again took second place in 54:08.5.

Holder of four cross-country records ‒ senior (O-20) 12km in 38:57.5, veteran (O-40) 4km in 12:25.0, veteran (O-40) 10km in 33:09.9 and veteran (O-40) 12km in 38:57.5 ‒ Simon Labiche took the start of his first race and won the senior (O-20) 10km event in 40:05.7.

Nagarajan Gnanapra finished second in 54:52.8.

Iven Moïse holds the senior (O-20) 10km record of 31:45.6 set on 22.12.2018 at Roche Caïman.

After failing to take the start of the first female masters (O-40) 6km (3 laps) race on January 14, Deepa Jivan claimed victory in the second race on Saturday in a time of 34:09.8.

Winner of the first race in 36:09.6, Florise Ernesta settled for second place in 34:38.2.

Mariella Buisson, who failed to complete the distance in the first race, did not take the start this time.

There was absolutely no change in the men’s master (O-40) 8km (4 laps) race. Race one winner Sisira Kumara made it two victories on the trot with a time of 33:45.4 and in second position was Jose Victor in 41:18.4.

Meanwhile, the third and final cross-country races have been set for Saturday January 28, 2023, starting at 3pm at the fitness trail, Roche Caiman.

The races are open for individuals, groups, companies, secondary schools and post-secondary institutions. All those who would like to take part are asked to register with Fabien Belle on 2517406, the SAF office at Stad Popiler by calling 4225958 or any athletics coach after 3pm at Stad Popiler.

The categories include: male and female under-16 = 2km (1 lap), male and female under-18 = 4km (2 laps), female under-20 and female masters – 35 years and over = 6km (3 laps), male under-20 and male masters – 40 years and over = 8km (4 laps), senior male and female = 10km (5 laps).


The results


Female U-16 2km (1 lap)

1. Nikita Sharma 11:29.3


Male U-18 4km (2 laps)

1. Tiphano Uranie 14:40.3

2. Adley Lauricourt 15:13.4

3. Shane Fred 16:57.6

4. Leandro Jeannevole 20:34.7


Male U-20 8km (4 laps)

1. Neil Azemia 33:02.4


Female O-20 1km (5 laps)

1. Brenda Larue 53.25.1

2. Anita Amasogna 54:08.5


Male O-20 1km (5 laps)

1. Simon Labiche 40:05.7

2. Nagarajan Gnanapra 54:52.8


Female master O-40 6km (3 laps)

1. Deepa Jivan 34:09.8

2. Florise Ernesta 34:38.2


Male master O-40 8km (4 laps)

1. Sisira Kumara 33.45.4

2. Jose Victor 41:18.4


Gerard Govinden



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