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Get up, get together, take on a challenge |24 January 2023

Get up, get together, take on a challenge

Male and female volleyball teams as well as work organisations are being asked to get up, get together and take on a challenge by taking part in an open volleyball competition.

Organised by the Premium Cobras basketball club, the competition will take place over two days ‒ Saturday February 4 and Sunday February 5 ‒ at the National Sports Council (NSC) Hall.

Registration fee is R1,000 per team and Premium Cobras basketball club president Roy Collie told Sports NATION yesterday that they hope to have a minimum 20 participating teams.

“The more teams, the better. Some teams have already shown an interest and this is very encouraging. We call on all volleyball clubs to take part. Work organisations are also being encouraged to register their women’s and men’s teams. All the monies collected from registration fees will go to the Cancer Concern Association. As for all the other expenses, they will be taken care of by the Premium Cobras basketball club,” Mr Collie told Sports NATION.

So, why have the Premium Cobras basketball club taken such an initiative?

“We have been organising such events over the last 15 years to raise funds for our club. Many people know that we do it so well. Since last year we wanted to organise an event for the Cancer Concern Association, but it did not materialise. So, we are doing it this year. We call on all sportsmen and women to form a team and take part to raise funds to pay for life-saving cancer treatment and prostheses.

“Remember, it is not because we are in top physical condition and competing at the highest level that we can’t run the risk of developing cancer. This is why we all have to make our contributions to the funds. We never know if one day we might need help from the same funds to receive treatment,” added Mr Collie.

Deadline for teams to register is Friday January 27, 2023 with Mr Collie on 2526390.

Other than entertainment, there will be drinks and foods on sale on both days.

The first day of the competition ‒ Saturday February 4 ‒ is World Cancer Day 2023 and it marks the second year of the campaign ‘Close the care gap’ to reduce the inequities that exist in accessing quality cancer services worldwide.

On that day, millions of people around the world unite to move closer to a world where no-one dies from a preventable cancer or suffers unnecessarily and where everyone has access to the cancer care they need.

World Cancer Day 2023 marks the second year of the three-year ‘Close the care gap’ campaign centred on the issue of equity. This second year is about uniting individuals and organisations, advocates and policymakers in calling for change and taking action. It is also about celebrating real-world progress, not just in innovation and medical advances but even the humblest of actions that can have a significant impact: motivating neighbours to provide transport to cancer treatment for a fellow resident or ensuring that healthy and affordable food options are offered at the local school.

“Thus it is fitting for all organisations to come forward and show their commitment towards improving the lives of cancer patients,” concluded Mr Collie.



Gerard Govinden



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