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  National Assembly: |18 March 2023

Postponement of urgent motion on social security age cause US walkout

Twelve minutes into yesterday’s sitting, the United Seychelles members walked out of the National Assembly, following a disagreement over an urgent motion filed by leader of the opposition in the National Assembly Sebastien Pillay.

Hon. Pillay filed a motion in relation to a statutory instrument (S.I) regarding the increase in the qualifying age for social security benefits, from 63 to 65, and was discontent with the announcement by Speaker Roger Mancienne that his motion will be added onto the institution’s order paper during the week of March 27.

“There are people who will be turning 63 now or tomorrow and they will not be benefitting from their social security benefits as a result of this S.I. When we discussed with government in the National Assembly, government did not inform us that they will propose amendments to the qualifying age for social security. There was no firm commitment made before the Assembly on this matter, which is why I sent an urgent motion on the matter,” leader of the opposition Pillay stated.

He went on to question whether the fact that there was no discussion with him regarding the date on which his motion will be tabled is not an infringement of his rights.

“At least inform me what decision has been taken,” he questioned. When met with the same answer, Hon. Pillay and other members of United Seychelles (US) proceeded to walk out.

The remaining members of the Assembly who were yet to provide their reactions to President Wavel Ramkalawan’s third state-of-the-nation address delivered on Friday March 10 did so yesterday.


Laura Pillay


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