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  Canada HC Kyle Nunas calls on Minister Joubert |18 March 2023

   Canada HC Kyle Nunas calls on Minister Joubert

Minister Joubet (right) during his meeting with HC Nunas

The newly accredited High Commissioner of Canada to Seychelles, Kyle Michael Nunas, paid a courtesy call on Agriculture, Climate Change and Environment Minister Flavien Joubert on Thursday at his secretariat, Unity House.

High Commissioner Nunas began the discussion by outlining key matters he discussed with President Wavel Ramkalawan earlier this week. This includes, the Multi Vulnerable Index (MVI) which will highlight the needs of small islands developing states on the basis of their vulnerabilities instead of their income, sustainable technologies and the status of climate change.

He inquired on Seychelles’ priorities for the upcoming COP28 in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) later this year.

Minister Joubert expressed his disappointment towards the outcome of COP27 and outlined his preparations for the upcoming COP28, mentioning that Seychelles will remain engaged and committed towards one main goal that is to keep the 1.5 as a safe threshold for warming together with other small islands developing states and other developing countries who are severely being affected by the change in climate.

The delegates then centered their discussions on various subjects such as plastic pollutions, how Seychelles has set the pace on marine and terrestrial protections, the transition towards sustainable energy, debt swap and other major achievements.

To conclude, Minister Joubert gave a brief overview the status of crop and livestock in Seychelles. High Commissioner Nunas mentioned that Canada is ready to establish a bilateral relationship and will initiate a discussion with high Ag Tech companies in Canada, to see how they can help Seychelles to adopt modern technologies, build the capacities of staff within the ministry and elevate farming techniques to ensure the success of sustainable development goal (SDG) 2 which is food security, improved nutrition and promoting a sustainable agriculture.

Minister Joubert was accompanied by the executive director Catherina Bonnelame.


Press release from the Ministry of Agriculture, Climate Change and Environment

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