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Judo: Curtain-raiser tournament 2023   |20 March 2023

Judo: Curtain-raiser tournament 2023   

Junior/Senior (female -48kg) winner Kendra Vital (left) (Photo: Roland Duval)

71 athletes from six clubs compete in season-opener


After a two-year absence due to restrictions during the Covid-19 pandemic, the Curtain-raiser tournament which launches the new judo season was finally back at the Roche Caïman dojo on Saturday, gathering 71 athletes competing for six clubs from Mahé and Praslin.

Saturday’s competition which assembled athletes from the Alpha, Baie Ste Anne, Grand Anse Praslin, Elite, Etoile and Persévérance judo clubs, was also a pre-selection platform for  judokas to represent the country at the forthcoming 11th Indian Ocean Islands Games 2023 scheduled to take place in Madagascar from August 23 to September 3.

Other than the seasoned athletes in the likes of Pralinois Dominic Dugasse and Jean-Michel Vidot who have accumulated loads of international exposure, including Olympics and Commonwealth Games, the tournament exposed several young budding talents who definitely have the potential to take Seychelles’ judo further.

On Saturday, there were the minime, cadet categories, while the junior and senior athletes competed alongside each other.

Speaking to Sports NATION, chairperson of the Seychelles Judo Federation (SJF) Sandra Jeanne noted that despite a two-year break, the competition was of very  good level, including athletes’ performances, as well as those of the officials, volunteers, along with all those who helped and brought their support, in one way or another.

This, she said, proves that even if we were affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, and there were health restrictions, judo lovers maintained their spirit and level of performances in any way affiliated to the sport.

She explained that nothing is perfect and there are still a lot of areas to work on if local judo is to reach the highest standard possible, and this she added, includes officiating, among other areas, since a federation, or country as a whole can be recognised worldwide, not only for its high performing athletes, but also with competent and efficient officials.


The following are the complete results of the 2023 Curtain-raiser tournament


Cadet (male -50kg)

  1.       Rickham Jamie – Elite
  2.       Fabrice Melanie – Elite


Cadet (male -55kg)

  1.       Leandro Figaro – Etoile
  2.       Stenio Rabat – Alpha


Cadet (male -60kg)

  1.       Ashley Paul – Etoile
  2.       Greg Auguste – Etoile
  3.       Angelo Renaud – Grand Anse Praslin


Cadet (male -66kg)

  1.       Nigel Kilindo – Etoile
  2.       Wayne Esther – Baie Ste Anne
  3.       Dylan Bonnelame – Baie Ste Anne


Cadet (male -73kg)

  1.       Neil Alcindor – Etoile
  2.       Clint Cesar – Baie Ste Anne


Cadet (male -81kg)

  1.       Dylan Charlot – Elite
  2.       Ruben Edmond – Etoile


Cadet (male -90kg)

  1.       Gael Quatre – Etoile


Cadet (male +90kg)

  1.       Alexander Kilindo – Etoile
  2.       Liam Esther – Baie Ste Anne


Cadet (female -48kg)

  1.       Paris Lozé – Etoile
  2.       Taylor Laporte – Baie Ste Anne
  3.       Megan Pierre – Grand Anse Praslin


Cadet (female -57kg)

  1.       Fedra Rose – Baie Ste Anne
  2.       Elisha Bellard – Baie Ste Anne


Cadet (female -63kg)

  1.       Murela Crea – Etoile
  2.       Natalia Laporte – Baie Ste Anne


Cadet (female -70kg)

  1.       Dinarah Fred – Baie Ste Anne


Cadet (female +73kg)

  1.       Arielle Bristol – Grand Anse Praslin


Minimes (female -44kg)

  1.       Bernisha Reginald – Baie Ste Anne


Minimes (female +63kg)

  1.       Eliane Alexis – Grand Anse Praslin
  2.       Amira Samson – Baie Ste Anne
  3.       Sasha Pierre – Grand Anse Praslin


Minimes (male 42kg)

  1.       Nathan King – Etoile
  2.       Neil Chetty – Grand Anse Praslin
  3.       Stephen Marie – Baie Ste Anne/Rahid Valentin – Baie Ste Anne


Minimes (male -46kg)

  1.       Joey Emmanuel – Grand Anse Praslin


Minimes (male -50kg)

  1.       Bryan César – Baie Ste Anne
  2.       Joshua Rachel – Baie Ste Anne
  3.       Jean-Yves Camille – Etoile


Minimes (male -55kg)

  1.       Darius Riage – Elite


Minimes (male +73kg)

  1.       Emmanuel Battin – Grand Anse Praslin
  2.       Arien Dubignon – Etoile


Junior/Senior (female -48kg)

  1.       Kendra Vital – Etoile
  2.       Sophia Capricieuse – Grand Anse Praslin
  3.       Ereen Pierre – Persévérance


Junior/Senior (female -70kg)

  1.       Quenssy Jean – Etoile


Junior/Senior (female -78kg)

  1.       Cheryl Marie – Baie Ste Anne
  2.       Anisha Joubert – Grand Anse Praslin


Junior/ Senior (female +78kg)

  1.       Amanda Payet – Etoile
  2.       Tamia Lucas – Etoile
  3.       Jessy Malbrook – Baie Ste Anne


Junior/ Senior (male -60kg)

  1.       Yannick Hermitte – Grand Anse Praslin
  2.       Dario Larue – Elite
  3.       Rahil Marie – Persévérance


Junior/ Senior (male -66kg)

  1.       Jean-Michel Vidot – Elite
  2.       Richie Rose – Alpha
  3.       Martin Michel – Persévérance


Junior/ Senior (male -73kg)

  1.       Keith Larue – Persévérance
  2.       Jamison Dick – Persévérance


Junior/ Senior (male -81kg)

  1.       Neddy Philoé – Grand Anse Praslin
  2.       Christopher Marie – Baie Ste Anne


Junior/ Senior (male -90kg)

  1.       Derick Croisée – Baie Ste Anne
  2.       Freddy Young – Baie Ste Anne


Junior/ Senior (male -100kg)

  1.       Geophrey MTawa – Etoile


Junior/ Senior (male +100kg)

  1.       Dominic Dugasse – Baie Ste Anne
  2.       Alvin Marie – Baie Ste Anne
  3.       Moussa Kagoma – Etoile


Roland Duval



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