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KOZE KOZE – conversations between Seychellois creatives   |20 March 2023

KOZE KOZE – conversations between Seychellois creatives   

KOZE KOZE - conversations between Seychellois creatives

● For the first time, a remarkable collection of untold stories shared by Seychellois creatives


March, 9 2023 marked the successful completion of an incredible and pioneering cultural project which covers various art forms under the Seychelles National Arts and Cultural Fund:  ‘KOZE KOZE - conversations between Seychellois creatives’.

Initiated by the Seychelles Art Foundation (SAF) in 2020, the project explores stories through conversations between Seychellois artists from multiple creative disciplines, including visual art, music, dance, poetry, literature and architecture. Eighteen (18) Seychellois artists who are at various stages of their careers are featured in the project.

They are Vincent Ah-time and George Camille; Royston Cedras and Charles Dodo; Marie Mai Marie and Doris Nourrice; Ruth Barbe and Juliette Zelime; Ralph Amesbury and Jean-Marc Volcy; Tony Julie and Isham Rath; Tony Joubert and Urny Mathiot; Stephanie Joubert and Kevin Perrine; late Edwin Henriette and Georgette Larue.

A ceremony was held recently at the National Museum of History for the official launch of the book which shares the same title as the project.

Featured creatives, sponsors, cultural advocates and representatives from the National Arts and Cultural Fund (NACF) and the Seychelles National Institute of Culture, Heritage and the Arts attended the ceremony.

Over 100 copies were presented to the invitees, including 25 copies that will be later donated to local educational institutions through the NACF.

The book launch started with a duo acoustic performance ‘Rozali kontan kapitenn’ by local musicians Jean-Marc Volcy and Isham Rath.

Shirley-Huizhong Yu, project director of SAF and the creator of the project, expressed her gratitude to the individuals and organisations who have contributed towards the success of the project.

“It is our wish that KOZE KOZE will not only enlighten the readers on the challenges that creatives face in daily life but also remind the public of the fundamental role that creatives play in Seychellois society today,” said Shirley-Huizhong Yu.

A book handover ceremony was carried on among all the featured creatives and sponsors. George Camille, chairman of the SAF commented: “It is not easy for any art NGOs working on projects, we have the enthusiasm and expertise, but we also need financial support; this is where cultural funds and generous sponsors come in. We hope we can overcome the difficulties and create projects that the whole country could benefit from.”

Chairman of the NACF, permanent secretary for culture, Cecile Kalebi, explained to the audience that KOZE KOZE was unanimously approved by the NACF committee because of the number of artists and art forms this project touches and its concept ticked all the boxes of NACF. “We are very proud to see the final result and the book speaks for itself,” said PS Kalebi. 

On behalf of the sponsors from the private sector, Marie-Paule Samson, H. Savy Insurance’s manager for corporate affairs and compliance, said “it is our pleasure to be part of the project, to promote local artists and also to inspire the younger generation to be more creative for the arts and culture in Seychelles.”

The KOZE KOZE project received financial help from the Seychelles National Arts and Cultural Fund as well as H. Savy insurance, Mamma Mia Imports, Skychef Servair, PMC Auto Group, Alliance Française Seychelles and Le Chantier Dental Clinic. The book launch received additional sponsorship from Mamma Mia Imports for beverages.

The book is ideal for anyone with the interest in the arts and culture in Seychelles. Retail price is R325 and the book is currently available at the Pagoda Art and Design gallery and George Camille gallery, and aims to be accessible in various places including museums, art galleries, bookstores and tourist offices.



(Event photo credit @ Max Camille)

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