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Seychelles’ arts shine in Dubai |31 March 2023

Seychelles’ arts shine in Dubai
  •           Locals feature in two renowned world art exhibitions


Four (4) renowned local artists were recently rubbing shoulders with other greats from over sixty countries at the World Art Dubai fair, which was held from March 9 to 12, 2023.

The Creative Seychelles Agency had rented an art space at the fair for Leon Radegonde, Tristan Adams, Laurent Alis, and Zoe Chong Seng where they could display their pieces alongside more than 4000 artworks from over 300 renowned galleries and solo artists, at the ninth edition of the World Art Dubai.

The event is a well-established platform for contemporary art from all over the world and the platform attracts art collectors and enthusiasts searching for diverse, affordable, and original art under one roof.

Local curator, Martin Kennedy, was involved in the selection process.

The delegation to Dubai was led by the executive director of the Creative Seychelles Agency, Emmanuel D’Offay.

The team left on March 3 and returned on March 14.

The delegation relayed their interesting experience at a press conference upon their return at the International Conference Centre this Wednesday.

Mr D’Offay highlighted how it was important to give local artists such exposure so they would have the possibility to measure up and compare Seychelles’ arts to that of international standards.

“This is giving Seychelles the chance of global recognition, because Seychelles has artist with so much potential and ability that reaches international standards,” said Mr D’Offay.

He added that Seychelles’ stand stood as one of the best at the fair, as the level of the art displayed was of high quality.

For his part, Martin Kennedy said that as a curator, the first thing they had to do was select the artists. “I wanted to show a range of work from some of the best artists working today in Seychelles, and I wanted to show a range of approach, from completely non-figurative, which is the case with Leon Radegonde’s work to figurative interpretation represented by Tristan Adams’ work and Laurent Alis’ work as well,” he explained.

Also taking place in Dubai was the ‘Art Connects Women exhibition’ from March 8 to 11. It is an exhibition which brings centre stage to an extensive international line-up of women artists and their artworks. Seychelles’ own Karin Zialor, assistant curator for this event and being an artist herself, was accepted to participate in the ‘Art Connects Women exhibition’. It is known as the largest leading women art exhibition in UAE and the surrounding regions.

110 women artists including Miss Zialor, each representing their home country, displayed their art with the theme ‘Dare to Dream’.

Miss Zialor said the event was more than expected. “I got the chance to meet other female artists and there was even a networking session which allowed us to share and discuss our ideas and views,” she said.

Miss Zialor also got her as well as all the other artists’ artwork perpetuated within a hardback art book entitled ‘Women Artists around the World’ 4th volume.

‘Art Connects Women’ was inaugurated in 2017.

Our selection of photos show some highlights of the local artists’ participation at the World Art Dubai fair and ‘Art Connects Women exhibition’ as well as the press conference with the artists upon their return to Seychelles.


Diane Larame

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