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2023 voters’ register certified |01 April 2023

2023 voters’ register certified

Ms Boniface certifies the 2023 voters’ register (photo left) before presenting it to Ms Amesbury

  •           73,455 confirmed eligible voters


The chief registration officer, Sheena Boniface, has certified the 2023 voters’ register as per the annual legal requirement on March 31, and presented it to the chief electoral officer, Manuella Amesbury, in a short ceremony at the commission’s headquarters in Sacos Tower, yesterday morning.

In a press conference which followed soon after, Ms Boniface stated that the number of confirmed registered candidates on Register 2023, including new registrations, stood at 73,455, which include 37,672 female and 35,783 male.

The number is slightly lower than the 2022 voters’ register, when it was 73,849.  

Anse Etoile remains the district with the most number of registered voters, at 3993, while the district with the lowest number is Roche Caiman at 1973.

The number of deceased persons removed from the register is 776, which counts 343 female and 433 male.

The number of eligible voters, (18 year olds as at December 2022) was 1748, and 147 were registered.

The number of new registrations in 2022 was 384, which included 350 full-time voters, 16 who had naturalised, 13 returning residents and 5 re-instatement, which are those who went to prison and whose names had been re-instated onto the register.

Meanwhile, the total number of transactions recorded in 2022 was 782; a 353 increase, compared to 2021, when it was 429. These were 384 new registrations, 251 transfers, 27 transfers and corrections as well as 120 corrections only.

Ms Boniface said last year the Electoral Commission intensified its campaign to educate and sensitise the public on the importance of checking their names on the register and for first-time voters to come forward to register. This was enhanced through their outreach programmes in post-secondary institutions which allowed the youths to better understand the registration process and their responsibility to register as a voter. She said most of the applications recorded were from the outreach programmes and special exercises.

Ms Boniface said the involvement and use of mainstream media allowed their educational campaign to reach the population. However, she said that challenges remained.

“You still get first-time voters who do not carry their identification card or have the old card without the photos, which means we cannot register them. Some even said they are not ready to register or they still have time to register before an election,” explained Ms Boniface, adding that although the election is scheduled for 2025, they should seize this opportunity to register when the service is brought closer to them.

She added that although the electoral commission does its maximum to encourage the first-time voters, it rests with them to do their part.

“Our officers do their maximum and they have noticed that the work had intensified but if we do not get the collaboration of other stakeholders, such as political parties, then it will all be futile. If this year they are motivated and willing to mobilise their voters, then maybe more will come forward,” said Ms Boniface.

The chief registration officer said although she was satisfied that people came forward last year, she knew they could do better and entice more voters to inspect or register.

“Already, we see a positive trend in the transactions from January 2023 to date where we have already recorded over 200 transactions, meaning we are on the right track. So, hopefully this year we will be more satisfied,” she said.

Meanwhile, the registration for 2023 register begins as of today and all eligible voters are being encouraged to check the register.

The chief registration officer said this year, other than post-secondary institutions, they will be taking the service closer to some workplaces, including hotels which have also requested it for their staff.

The registration schedule has also been shared with political parties so they could also mobilise their supporters.

For those who registered their names last year, they could effective today, inspect their names using the SMS system on 9606 or use the website at


Patsy Canaya

Photo: Louis Toussaint

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