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Raymond Houareau is Seychelles’ only male centenarian at present |31 May 2023

Raymond Houareau is Seychelles’  only male centenarian at present

Celebrating a milestone birthday

It was a day of joy and celebration as Raymond Houareau, a resilient and lively individual, marked his 100th birthday yesterday.

Born on May 30, 1923, Mr Houareau yesterday became the only male centenarian in Seychelles at present, joining a list of 12 centenarian women.

The birthday celebration held at his home in Amitie, Grand Anse Praslin was a testament to Mr Houareau's remarkable spirit and zest for life.

Despite his age, he continues to exude vitality and was even seen dancing with his great-granddaughter, showcasing his love for life and an indomitable spirit.

During the celebration, the district administrator for Grand Anse Praslin, Chantal Jeannie, presented Mr Houareau with hampers from the Office of the President, the Ministry of Local Government and Community Affairs (MLGCA), and the Family department. These tokens of appreciation were a heartfelt acknowledgement of Mr Houareau's milestone and his contributions to the community.

Mr Houareau's journey has not been without challenges. At the age of 98, he contracted Covid-19, and a few months later, he suffered from a stroke that left him partially paralysed. However, his resilience and determination shone through as he underwent physical therapy to regain his ability to walk, talk, and even dance once again.

Born on Felicite Island, Mr Houareau later moved to the main island of Mahé during his childhood. As an adult, he relocated to Praslin for work opportunities, where he spent a significant portion of his life. During his working years, Mr Houareau is said to have been a jack of all trades and was a mechanic, fisherman, carpenter and more.

He is a father of seven children, although two have sadly passed away. His legacy extends through his 34 grandchildren, 42 great-grandchildren, and eight great-great-grandchildren.

His grandson, Robert Hoareau, noted that Mr Houareau's life story reflects the experiences of a bygone era and his resilience.

“He has seen it all; from the Second World War to all the political eras in Seychelles. He is an amazingly patient guy who likes to prank people a lot, and above all, he loves his family,” the younger Mr Hoareau said.

On his part, the centenarian said that he is happy to have reached such an age and noted that only Allah knows if he will celebrate more birthdays.

Mr Houareau also stated that he is “still capable” even with old age and proudly showed off his house that he built himself.

The centenarian's 100th birthday celebration serves as a reminder of the strength of the human spirit and the power of love and resilience. Mr Raymond Houareau's story inspires generations, showcasing that age is no barrier to living a fulfilling and joyful life.


Text & photos contributed by the MLGCA

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