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Jude Padayachy promoted to fourth dan black belt during Mauritius karate seminar |01 June 2023

Jude Padayachy promoted to fourth dan black belt during Mauritius karate seminar

Shihan Phillip (centre) is flanked by Jude Padayachy (right) who has been promoted to fourth dan black belt (Yondan), and Trevor Rustin from South Africa who is now a fifth dan (Godan) holder

Seychellois karateka, Sensei Jude Padayachy has been promoted to the fourth dan black belt and this was during a two-week seminar conducted by International Karate Alliance technical director and continental chairman for Africa, Shihan Phillip Moustache, a seventh dan black belt holder.

Sensei Jude, who is currently based in Madagascar where he is the International Karate Alliance (IKA) branch chief, was invited to take part in the two-week seminar as well as the senior belt grading which was held on Wednesday May 24 at the Goodlands dojo, in Mauritius

Prior to the grading, Shihan Phillip conducted training sessions at the main Goodlands dojo, Bois Pignolet dojo, Quatre Bornes dojo, Fond Du Sac dojo and Nouvelle France dojo. The students were taught numerous basic and advanced techniques, katas and their bunkai, fighting techniques, self defence and brought up to date with latest developments.

Shihan Phillip was also the supreme judge at the national tournament which was held on Sunday May 21 at the SSG Jugdambi Hall in Goodlands. Over 100 students took part in the daylong event which was also to select the four fighters who will be taking part in the ……….IKAK World Tournament to be held in November this year. During the tournament, Shihan Phillip was honoured with a lifetime achievement award for having taught Kyokushin karate in Mauritius for the past 30 years. 

The senior belt grading which lasted 4 hours 30 minutes saw the involvement of only eight students including one from South Africa. At the end of the grading, three students were promoted to second dan (Nidan) after completing their 20 fights and one was promoted to third dan (Sandan) after completing his 30 fights.

Sensei Jude and the other three students had to complete 40 fights all of which were held under the full contact rules. At the end of the grading, Sensei Jude and Sensei Beemud were promoted to fourth dan (Yondan) black belt. Sensei Rajesh Dooboree and Sensei Trevor Rustin from South Africa were promoted to fifth dan (Godan) and awarded the title of ‘Shihan’ (Master).   

Congratulations to Sensei Jude Padayachy on his promotion in grade.




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