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The AP-COI meets in Seychelles for historic launch of the association and its governing statutes   |01 June 2023

The member States of the ‘L’association des parlementaires des Etats membres de la Commission de l’Ocean Indien’ (AP-COI) met in Seychelles to historically formalise and agree on the main statutes of governance which will officially revive the association.

The sessions were attended by the Speaker of the National Assembly, Hon. Roger Mancienne; the deputy Speaker, Hon. Gervais Henrie; Hon. Philip Monthy; Hon. Audrey Vidot and the deputy Clerk to the National Assembly, Alexandria Faure.

The meetings and plenary were organised by the Indian Ocean Commission (IOC) in collaboration with the secretariat of the National Assembly of Seychelles and took place on Mahé from May 23 – 26, 2023 at the Eden Bleu Hotel.

The sessions commenced with the Executive Committee (COMEX) meeting on May 23-24 which was opened by the chairperson of the COMEX, Hon. Rafenomanantsoa Tsirimaharo Ny Aina and the deputy Speaker of the National Assembly of Seychelles, Hon. Gervais Henrie. 

The two-day COMEX reunited the members of Parliament from the different member States, secretaries general and deputy clerks to discuss and validate the Statute of the APCOI and its internal regulations, including the plans of action going forward to ensure the continuation of the association and for the review of the respective Speakers.

The Speakers of the member States met in the Conference of Speakers, chaired by the President of the AP-COI, of whom is also the Speaker of the Assembly of Mauritius, Hon. Sooroojdev Phokeer on Thursday May 26.

For the first time, all the Speakers of the member States were present to discuss the statutes, logo of the organisation, and internal regulations that were adopted by the COMEX in the meetings prior.

The Speaker of the National Assembly of Seychelles, Hon. Roger Mancienne, the Speaker of the Assembly of the Union of Comoros, Hon. Moustadroine Abdou and the Speaker of the National Assembly of Madagascar, Hon. Christine Razanamahasoa were in attendance.

Having actively participated in the meetings Hon. Monthy highlighted that many pertinent matters were discussed in the COMEX, and he appreciated the input of the members present.

Hon. Monthy noted that he looks forward to seeing how the association impacts the region and seeing the member States unify their voices on issues such as climate change in international forums and plenaries.

The Conference of Speakers was preceded by the AP-COI Plenary the next day, on Friday May 26 whereby the Speakers, members, the secretary general of the IOC, Prof. Vêlayoudom Marimoutou and secretaries general and deputy clerks of the Parliaments participated in discussions to validate the instruments and internal regulations of the association followed by a press conference.

The deputy Speaker stated that “The first plenary session was not only a successful and fruitful event, but the presence of all member States headed by their respective Speakers of their National Legislatures shows the commitment and engagement of the members to make AP-COI work for the betterment of the people of the region.

Plans to reactivate the AP-COI are part of IOC’s Governance, Peace and Stability (GPS) project, financed by the Agence Française de Dévelopement (AFD), has now come to fruition and the next steps will be taken to ensure the continuity of the association.

Hon. Audrey Vidot remarked that ‘the meetings were well organised, and the members present were able to freely express their opinions and propositions to finalise the governing documents of the AP-COI.

The idea for the setting up of a regional association dates back to 1997, and its official launch arrived 16 years later in Mauritius. It is a historic moment for the region that the Association is now active and involves the commitment of all the member States.

Some of the delegates also had the opportunity to visit the National Assembly which comprised a tour of the Museum and Chamber of the House.


Press release from the National Assembly secretariat

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