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Children’s Day message from Employment and Social Affairs Minister Patricia Francourt |01 June 2023

Children’s Day message from Employment and Social Affairs Minister Patricia Francourt

Minister Francourt

‘The biggest gift we can give to our children is our love and protection’


“As we celebrate our national Children’s day on June 1 this year, may it be a day for reflection on the wellbeing of our children.

“Since the international year of the child, in 1979, which emphasised on the special place children occupy in all societies, Seychelles has maintained its commitment and actions promoting the wellbeing of children. As a nation, we have come a long way but despite various steps taken towards the advancement of wellbeing of children over the years, we cannot and should not be complacent as there is much more to be done to achieve the ultimate and protection of children and their rights.

“On this special day, my wish for our dear children is for you to be happy. “Enjoy your day, savouring all the good things that make your lives complete and happy. Think of others who are not as fortunate as you are and let your reflection lead you to value the simple things of life, be it friendship, love for yourself, love and gratitude towards your parents, teachers and others. “Each one of you are special and unique individuals who deserve the best in life. You have the possibility to be active participants in your own self-development through your individual talent to shine as the brightest star in the universe.

“As our country strives to find ways to make your life better, be mindful that you can also make valuable contributions in making positive changes that we aspire to see. You can help make a difference to eliminate bullying at school and in the community. You can make the difference in reducing negative youth culture by being resilient and fostering positive attitude to support your peers against all adversities. Be that friend in need. Embrace your childhood with positivity and strive to be better in what you do, as it is through hard work that you can be successful.

“I make a special appeal to all parents, guardians, families and all actors in our society to join forces and help towards the wholesome development of our children. Our children deserve the love and support through the crucial stage of their innocent years of their development and upbringing. Let us remember that childhood should be a period for discovering new things and moving ahead in life. So let us help them discover positive things that will bring happiness and help them shape a better future for themselves.

“The biggest gift we can give to our children, is our love and protection. Let us be there for them. I call on everyone in society to take their responsibilities in doing their utmost to helping end child abuse.  Stand up for our children who are voiceless and denounce abuse at all cost. Make our homes, our communities and our society safe for children to thrive.

“I wish all children in Seychelles happy Children’s day and joyful celebration.”

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