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GIF teams up with Carana Beach Hotel in clean-up operation at North East Point |07 October 2019

GIF teams up with Carana Beach Hotel in clean-up operation at North East Point

Tonnes of trash get dumped on our coast land every year. The garbage includes plastic bottles, plastic bags and packaging, food wrappers and cigarette butts – detracting from the natural beauty of the shore and harming wildlife.

Green Islands Foundation (GIF) in partnership with Carana Beach Hotel organised a coastal clean-up in commemoration of the recent World Clean-Up Day. The objective was to remove litter from the beach and the surrounding areas.

Fifteen volunteers from GIF and Carana Beach Hotel removed 15 bags of litter. Among the debris were several notable items collected including flip flops, lots of plastics and glass bottles, plastics bags and lots of small pieces of plastic.

Carana Beach Hotel, since its opening in 2016, has teamed up with GIF to promote sustainable operations. The hotel has put in place an action plan to reduce its waste generated, improve energy use, promote the use of local products and partner with local community groups to better protect the environment.

The hotel is en route towards applying for the Seychelles Sustainable Tourism Label. This work is done with the partnership of GIF, the local NGO.


Why beach clean-up is important?

Cleaning the beach improves the coastal and ocean ecosystem by making sure that none of the trash kills marine life or is toxic enough to disrupt the marine life cycle.

A beach clean-up is also an opportunity to gather fresh data about the state of our coasts and the types of trash that pollutes them. By identifying the most harmful debris items, environmental groups can find ways to stop them from entering the ocean or being littered again in beaches.


About Green Islands Foundation:

Green Islands Foundation is a local non-profit organisation dedicated to mainstreaming sustainability practices in Seychelles’ economic pillars.

A key advocate of sustainable operations and practices, recent initiatives in fisheries and tourism sectors have resulted in pertinent national debate promoting sustainability policies across industries.

The achievements of Green Islands Foundation rely on the forging of powerful networks and partnerships.

The accompanying photos show some highlights of the clean-up activity at North East Point.



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