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Free consultation at Dr Jivan’s clinic |09 October 2019

Free consultation at Dr Jivan’s clinic

Dr Magadum attending to a patient

MIOT International initiates ‘A to Z Bones Camp’ in Seychelles


If you have a back, knee or spine problem, now is the time for you to get a free consultation at the ‘A to Z Bones Camp’ at Dr Jivan’s Clinic, Mont Fleuri.

MIOT International, in association with Jivan’s Clinic, is conducting the ‘A to Z Bones Camp’, a one-of-its-kind free consultation camp from October 8-12 at Jivan’s Clinic. The camp is envisioned to address the entire spectrum of problems related to bones and joints.

The ‘A to Z Bones Camp’, which is open to a day-old babies and adults, and those considering getting a second opinion will cover the following specialties: deformities (paediatric and accidents), joint replacement (shoulder, elbow, hip and knee), spine and sports medicine.

The visiting orthopaedic specialist, Dr Sunil D Magadum, a senior orthopaedic surgeon from MIOT, will be available at Jivan’s Clinic to provide free consultation. He is a surgeon with special training in trauma, fracture fixation, spinal surgery and hip replacement in Europe and India.

Dr Magadum has performed over 4,500 trauma surgeries a year, making him one of the most sought-after orthopaedic specialists in India. His invaluable experience has benefitted patients across all age groups.

Yesterday, the consultant checked around 40 Seychellois at the ‘A to Z Bones Camp’ and over 200 people who had booked appointments previously are expected to be treated over the next five days.

“We already have patients who have appointment but we are also taking walk-in patients. We urge all the patients to please come with your existing files in order for us to better manage the case. The signs that you might have a spine problem are back pain going down the leg, numbness in the leg, neck pain going in your upper arms. People will have to do some modifications in the way they sit and also have to start regular exercise to strengthen the abdominal muscles and the back muscles,” advised Dr Magadum.

Since inception, MIOT’s firm belief has been to provide specialised care for every bone and every joint. Hence, the hospital has a dedicated team of specialists for every kind of bone and joint deformity, making the approach to treatment highly professional. They draw on their unparalleled bank of experience and use state-of-the-art facilities to plan and execute treatments quickly and confidently. So be it congenital, the result of a childhood disease or an untreated fracture, a visit to MIOT has given patients complete correction – the very first time. It is little surprise that the MIOT Institute of Orthopaedics is one of India’s most preferred centres for treating bone and joint related issues. MIOT Hospitals is in fact a global referral centre for revision surgeries of the hip.

What is the master of revision surgery?

When the bond used for joint replacement is not right, the patient could experience pain, discomfort, dislocations, infections, internal fractures, and limited movement, necessitating a second surgery (revision surgery). This is more difficult, more expensive and takes longer to recover from.

Revision surgery is replacement surgery that needs to be redone; the old orthopaedic implant is removed and replaced with a new component. To do this, surgeons have to use the bone beyond the area that was used for the previous implant or find an implant that will grip an existing bone differently. If the bone is not viable, surgeons may have to reconstruct it using a graft from another part of the body. Revision surgery requires specialised equipment and skills to extract the damaged implant and deal with fragile bones.

“MIOT International is one of the very few centres that perform this procedure in India. We first plan how to remove the existing implant without damaging the patient’s bone further. We also assess the viability of the bone to determine if reconstruction is required. The implants that we use for revision surgery are carefully chosen to match the patient’s age, lifestyle and the condition of his or her bones,” said Dr Magadum.

MIOT International and Seychelles go a long way back. They have been treating patients from Seychelles for the last 15 years. So far, MIOT has done 40,000 plus successful joint replacement surgeries (shoulder, elbow, hip and knee).

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