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Africa Climate Summit, September 2023 |11 September 2023

Africa Climate Summit, September 2023

Enhanced infrastructure resilience in Africa key to reducing disaster losses’



Enhanced infrastructure resilience in Africa is crucial to reduce disaster losses and enhance sustainable development.

This is one of the many takeaways for Minister Billy Rangasamy at the inaugural Africa Climate Summit (ACS) which took place in Nairobi, Kenya from September 4 to 8, 2023.  

The event was an eye-opener for the Seychellois minister for Housing & Lands who had the opportunity to not only engage in discussions with his fellow ministers and experts in his field but also to witness firsthand, through the numerous exhibitions and presentations, how infrastructure development and planning are being made more resilient.

“This summit has brought home to me that climate change is real and we should all take it seriously. We need concrete actions and we need an integrated approach, sound land-use planning, smart urban resilience, good governance, and discipline at all levels. We must unite and collaborate regionally as island states and empower our youth from an early age to step up and take climate change seriously. Our future, economic development and resilience is dependent on how we plan and act now. We must transform these challenges into opportunities through teamwork, and local and regional partnerships, not only across Africa but globally,” said Minister Rangasamy. 

The minister, who also had a few bilateral discussions to explore opportunities for collaboration and support to address the impact of climate change in infrastructure development, also noted that it is crucial to have in place what is termed the 'PPPP' or Public, Private, and People Partnerships involvement.

“We are all in this together and must not leave anyone behind. I am excited and super-energised by the discussions that took place and have great hope that as the minister also responsible for urbanisation and infrastructure development, land-use planning, and land management in Seychelles, I will use my passion to drive smart climate and urban resilience in Seychelles, bringing in regional and coastal management experiences to the maximum, in unity with the relevant partners and stakeholders.”

Minister Rangasamy was invited to the ACS by Minister Flavien Joubert, the Minister for Agriculture, Climate Change and Energy.

The accompanying photos show some highlights of Minister Rangasamy’s participation at the ACS.


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