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United Seychelles joins world in commemorating World Aids Day |01 December 2023

“The United Seychelles party joins the rest of the world to commemorate World Aids Day, celebrated on December 1.

“35 years on, we must acknowledge that much have been achieved in containing the HIV/Aids pandemic but challenges remain to eliminate HIV/Aids as a threat to public health by 2030.

“This year’s theme ‘Let communities lead’, once again reminds us that only through person-centred public health services, can we overcome many obstacles such as stigma and access to proper care.

While much has been done to educate the population on HIV/Aids, behaviours leading to infection by it still persist.

“In the absence of an effective vaccine, government must continue to invest resources in the latest treatment, in the training of health care providers, in ensuring access to treatment by those affected, and in inculcating a new culture of responsible sex in our population, especially among our youth.

All these interventions will bear no fruits unless the communities are involved.

“By urging communities to lead, we are effectively recognising the important role of civil societies and persons affected by the disease in the fight against HIV/Aids in formulating policies and ensuring their implementations at community level.

“Nothing about them without them.”


Press release from United Seychelles

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