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UNDP-JMA Standalone Demonstration Project and the Joint Commission for the Joint Management Area Seychelles-Mauritius |21 October 2019

ArcGIS basic training to be held here this week


Seychelles will be taking part in the ArcGIS training from GIS software supplier Environment Science Research Institute (ESRI) to be held at the Nayopi Business Centre at Providence this week.

The trainer will be coming from ESRI South Africa, the distributor for the southern African region.

This training is a key component in developing the GIS capability for Marine Spatial Planning for the Joint Management Area between Seychelles and Mauritius.

The UNDP is funding the training as part of the ‘Demonstrating Innovative Ocean Governance Mechanisms and Delivering Best Practices and Lessons for Extended Continental Shelf Management within the Western Indian Ocean Large Marine Ecosystem Project’ or UNDP-JMA Standalone Demonstration Project for short, in which they are the implementer.

ArcGIS is a Geographical Information System platform used by spatial professionals and organisations to create, manage, share, and analyse spatial data. It consists of server components, mobile and desktop applications, and developer tools. ArcGIS Desktop, which is the foundation for any GIS, allows for the collection and management of data, creation of maps, and performance of basic and advanced spatial analyses. It includes a rich analytical toolbox and modelling framework that will empower the user to perform virtually any type of spatial analysis to answer questions solving real world problems.

This training is the Basic level for ArcGIS Desktop 10.6 in a series of three including Advanced and Expert levels to be offered in 2020, and customised to cover ArcGIS 1 – Introduction to GIS, ArcGIS 2 – Essential Workflows, and ArcGIS 3 – Performing Analysis.

These courses are offered by ESRI as three separate courses, but have been combined to be offered locally. Once they complete the training, all participants will be equipped with the knowledge and skills required to get started in implementing or enhancing the GIS capabilities of their organisations.

The participants are from various government ministries, departments and organisations such as the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change, National Bureau of Statistics, Seychelles National Parks Authority, Ministry of Habitat, Infrastructure and Land Transport, Seychelles Maritime Safety Administration, Seychelles Ports Authority, Seychelles People’s Defence Forces, and Planning Authority.

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