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Multiple birth benefit now effective |25 January 2024

Social benefit for women who are having multiple births is effective as of yesterday January 24.

The government announced the new benefit during last year’s budget address in November, stating the one off benefit will include a sum of R3134 for each additional child, up to a maximum of R6635. This will be maintained until the age of 5 years.

The director of operations, Marie-France Souris and senior benefit operator, Lolita Laporte of the Agency for Social Protection (ASP), outlined the mode of payment during an exclusive interview yesterday with Seychelles NATION, stating it would be open to mothers with twins onwards.

Each mother will need to provide their children’s birth certificates, their ID cards and their bank details.

ASP said mothers who have had their babies before the benefit was in effect, and whose children are below five years, are still welcome to apply for the benefit, as long as they have the proper documentation.

“It is important for people to note that the documents being asked should be provided for these are the only documents that will enable them to apply for such benefits,” explained Ms Laporte.

Applicants should either talk to their welfare officer at the district administration office or ASP’s Benefit section, for service.

In the event that mothers who are receiving this benefit still find themselves struggling financially, they should speak to their welfare officer for further assistance, said ASP.

Mothers should contact ASP on 4293533 or 4293503 email them at for further queries.


Kassey Govinden

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