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Gramps Morgan concert a success |21 February 2024

Gramps Morgan concert a success

Gramps Morgan performing live in Seychelles

The Reggae Love Fest featuring superstar Gramps Morgan, which was held last Saturday was a resounding success according to organisers.

The special valentine’s concert was organised by Mega Events, Veuve Entertainment and Trence Bartending Service.

Speaking to Seychelles NATION, Wilson Nancy of Veuve Entertainment said they were satisfied with the turnout, performance and feedback from the event.

“In general we are satisfied with the turnout. It was mainly a mature crowd, and I think everyone who attended enjoyed the music and was satisfied,” Mr Nancy stated.

In the past, the organisers have tended to target a younger crowd, with events like the Mad Fest featuring younger hitmakers like Blaze Fyah and Ruger.

However, Saturday’s event targeted a more mature crowd, whose preference is an earlier show.

Although Gramps promised an hour and a half long performance, the performer ended up performing for two hours, to the audience’s delight.

Margarette Françoise, a Morgan Heritage fan, said she does not usually attend musical concerts but could not miss the opportunity to see one of her favourites in action.

“As soon as I heard Gramps was coming, I bought my ticket. I absolutely love Morgan Heritage and although I would have liked to see them all in concert, Gramps did a fantastic job,” she said.

Music enthusiast Balusamy Pillay describes the show as one unlike all the others that he has attended before.

“The energy was completely different, calmer than the shows I have attended in the past. Gramps put on a great performance, and took the time to interact with the crowd as well, something which not a lot of artists do,” he stated.

The organisers are currently assessing who the next big act gracing Seychelles’ stage will be. Among the options are genres other than reggae and dancehall.


Laura Pillay

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