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Seychelles hails UAE’s support in health |26 October 2019

Seychelles hails UAE’s support in health

Guests in a souvenir photograph at yesterday’s ceremony

A small ceremony was organised yesterday at the Seychelles Women’s Hospital at Perseverance to recognise the continued support of the United Arab Emirates Embassy (UAE) in the health sector.

In attendance were the Minister for Health Jean-Paul Adam, chargé d’affaire for UAE in Seychelles Ahmed Saeed Alneyadi, deputy chief executive of the Health Care Agency (HCA) Kathleen Cecile, special advisor to the minister Dr Loren Reginald and staff of the hospital.

The UAE embassy, through the Sheikh Khalifa Foundation, officially handed over the Seychelles Family Hospital more than two years ago in 2017 and its most recent contribution to local health care has been the recruitment of specialist doctors to support the Women’s Hospital.

These doctors arrived in the country earlier this year in February and since then have been involved in various initiatives including outpatient clinics.

They are on a two-year contract in Seychelles paid by the Sheikh Khalifa Foundation.

Dr Tatjana Blagoveic from Serbia is a gynaecologist and infertility specialist that has been initiating an outpatient clinic at the hospital and it has been said that the number of patients attending the clinic for infertility advice are gradually increasing.

Dr Amira Moustafah from Egypt specialises in obstetrics and her role in Seychelles is to overlook the antenatal clinic as well as to offer her surgical skills for elective cases at the Seychelles Hospital.

A specialist anaesthetist and specialist in intensive care, Dr Ashish Alexander from India is also providing his services during surgeries at the Seychelles Hospital and helping out with the ICU.

“Moreover, we are now in the process of starting out a trauma response team across the country, from Praslin, La Digue to the main island so as to improve our response to trauma in cases of traffic accidents or others,” Dr Alexander stated.

Meanwhile, Dr Hamed Abdel Moamen is a hyperbaric specialist who has been treating patients with the new state of the art monoplane chamber since June 2019 and aside from only treating the usual patients of diving accidents, the chamber now caters to a wide range of patients.

“We also started making use of a hyperbaric chamber which is smaller than the one at the Seychelles Hospital, but we have expanded the reasons why we use it such as for healing difficult wounds, stroke patients, people with certain neurological disorders and infertility. These spectrums were not previously dealt with that way in Seychelles,” Dr Alexander added.

The doctors are hoping to start handling their own operating theaters at the Women’s Hospital further down the line.

In his speech, Mr Al Neyadi said that the hospital in Perseverance bears testimony to the “humanitarian footsteps of the Sheikh Khalifa Foundation […]”.

“Soon we will offer other services […] the facility will see the delivery of the following in immediate term: dental services which will serve 10,000 odd population on this side of the island and high risk antenatal clinic services.”

Minister Adam expressed Seychelles’s gratitude towards UAE’s contributions to raising the standard of health in Seychelles.

The foundation has also offered a donation to purchase the upgrade of the Picture archiving and communication system (PACS) and a donation of US $2 million in the special fund for recruitment of specialist doctors.

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