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STC stops supplying bread to La Digue |29 February 2024

The Seychelles Trading Company (STC) is no longer supplying bread to La Digue, due to an increased supply of bread from other bakeries on the island.

The company conveyed to Seychelles NATION that the decision to cease supplies is primarily due to the fact that a number of other bakeries are now producing sufficient bread for the La Digue residents, and are able to meet customers’ demands.

STC stepped in to supply bread to the island following a shortage, arising out of the closure of the Glorious Bakery, due to licensing issues, among other hurdles.

“STC appreciates the opportunity to have been able to provide fresh and delicious bread to the community and we are grateful for the relationships we have built with our customers,” the company stated.

STC further seized the opportunity to apologise for any inconvenience the decision may have caused, thanking customers for their support.

Meanwhile, Glorious Bakery owner, Stephane Banane, explained to Seychelles NATION that the company is still awaiting an outcome from the relevant authorities.

Mr Banane added that despite having initially expressed discontent with the Seychelles Licensing Authority's decision to reject its renewal application in January, the company has since engaged in discussions with SLA chief executive Ronny Antat.

Supervisor at the company’s now inoperative outlet, Ahmed Nibourette, noted that La Digue consumers are still hopeful that the branch will be given the go-ahead to recommence operations.


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