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Government celebrates successful youth employment programmes |26 December 2019

Government celebrates successful youth employment programmes

The graduates in a souvenir photograph with President Faure, Minister Télémaque and other guests (Photo: Joena Meme)

The Ministry of Employment, Immigration and Civil Status on Monday hosted over 100 successful graduates of the ‘My First Job’ scheme and the ‘Skills Development’ programme to a celebratory cocktail at the Eden Bleu hotel.

They were joined by President Danny Faure who made a surprise appearance and joined them in celebrating the successes of these two programmes.

Together, the two initiatives have assisted over 3000 youths in securing employment within various organisations or provided them with on-the-job training in various fields.

Addressing the young people present at the reception, the President congratulated them for their dedication and commitment to the programme.

He urged them to keep working hard and extend a helping hand to those struggling or inspire those who are yet to join the world of work.

President Faure also extended his commendations to the employers who are always willing to take in youths on the ‘Skills Development’ and ‘My First Job’ initiatives.

“I am glad that some private companies have taken it upon themselves to fully finance the salaries of the youths who come to them, which shows that these programmes are based on partnerships. The two programmes are young but clearly demonstrates the possibilities that lie before us,” President Faure stated.

The Minister for Employment, Immigration and Civil Status, Myriam Télémaque, also praised the attendees for their devotion towards their career development.

She explained that the cocktail was an opportunity for the youths and ministry officials to meet and discuss on the strengths and weaknesses of the programmes so as to ensure that they continue to be a success.

“It has not been easy for most, some have fallen along the way but I want those who have gone through these programmes to help those who are struggling,” Minister Télémaque said.

These two programmes are facilitated and funded by the Ministry of Employment, Immigration and Civil Status.

The employment department officially launched the ‘Skills Development’ programme in 2014, quickly followed by the ‘My First Job’ scheme in 2016.

Both aims to tackle youth unemployment and provide youths and school leavers with on-the-job experience which some employers seek before hiring.

The youths participating in the programmes are paid partly by the government and partly by the organisations in which they are based.

The organisations also have the option to fully employ the youths once they complete the programmes as was the case for Stacy L’Eveillé.

Twenty-three year old Stacy embarked on the ‘My First Job’ scheme when she was at the Seychelles Tourism Academy (STA).

“They followed me throughout my journey even after I completed STA. I started working at Zil Air in 2016 where I have now been promoted as an operations and dispatch officer. The programme has shown me that one is never too young to be in charge.”

Mechanical engineering student at the Seychelles Institute of Technology (SIT), Hitcham Hoareau, said that his recent placement at Shreeji Construction during his time on the ‘Skills Development’ programme has benefitted him enormously.

“More than anything else, the programme provides youth with the opportunity to flourish and gain employment. We do not have the required experience when we are fresh out of school and the skills development allows us to test our capabilities and shows us how the real world of work is,” he said.

Hitcham is hoping that the experience gained in the programme will allow him to easily obtain a job of his choice when he graduates from SIT.


Elsie Pointe

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