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Spotlight Africa workshop – good debut for Seychelles in the African market |29 February 2020

Spotlight Africa workshop – good debut for Seychelles in the African market

Seychelles at the Spotlight Africa workshop (Photo source: TB News Bureau)

Seychelles featured at the Spotlight Africa workshop in Lusaka, Zambia at the Radisson Blu Hotel on February 12, 2020 through another successful partnership between the Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) and Houston Travel Marketing Services.

The event, which kicked off on the evening of February 11 with a networking cocktail at the Latitude 15 Hotel, provided an ideal informal setting for the STB team to meet some 40 top senior executives of travel agencies and several major local tour operators, updating them on the destination’s latest development.

Throughout the networking event, the destination’s representative, senior marketing executive Natacha Servina and marketing executive Ingride Laurencine had the opportunity to establish networks and cultivate interest for the destination.

The one-day workshop saw the participation of over 20 companies where the STB team seized the opportunity to bring forward Seychelles as a must-see paradise destination, close to the Zambian market.

Intensifying their marketing strategy during the event, the team included one-on-one meetings with participants, allowing them to divulge significant destination information to many of the tour operators and travel agents present at the workshop.

As part of the event, the participants were engaged in an exciting raffle draw where they had the opportunity to win a variety of prizes including flights, accommodation, safaris and other interesting goodies.

Commenting on the event, the STB team expressed their satisfaction at the turnout of over 110 attendees from 66 different travel and tourism companies.

“Our continuous presence at the Spotlight is because of the reputation we had created for ourselves on the Zambian market. We are currently working on increasing the visibility of our beautiful islands in that part of the world as Lusaka is a rapidly growing commercial centre, with a large expat community presence and the Zambian economy is currently thriving. We remain a dream destination for many people in the region as they are becoming more aware of the destination’s accessibility. Our focus remains on increasing the country’s visibility in the African region,” said Mrs Servina.

The STB team shared a taste of the Seychelles with the participants through the sublime gift of a Takamaka Rum Chest, which included two bottles of the renowned rum made locally in the Seychelles islands and Ms Lisa from Mukwa Travel and Tours won the prize.


STB News Bureau

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