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Judiciary committed to promoting health and wellness |16 March 2020

Judiciary committed to promoting health and wellness

In today’s modern world, a working individual will spend approximately about 50% of their time in the workplace. It is for this reason that it is important to deliver health programmes to the workplace. Poor health habits result in unhealthy individuals which in turn affects productivity of the organisation, since workers inevitably need to be absent on account of sick days.

Considering this, the Judiciary of Seychelles organised a health screening recently for its staff at the Palais de Justice. The screening was organised with the help of the Health Care Agency in collaboration with Melvin Jones fellows-Lions Club of Seychelles who provided their Medical Mobile Van (donated by the Aruna Abhey Oswal Trust).

The activities comprised dental screening, ear and eye tests as well as a dental exhibition with interactive sessions organised by the oral health promotion committee.

The activities kicked off at 10am and the staff of the Judiciary of Seychelles made the most of this given opportunity.

At the end of the day the dental department saw over 50 patients, eye examinations were held for 69 patients and 50 patients had ear checks.

During the day a ceremony was held whereby the doctors, dentists, dental hygienists and volunteers of the Health Care Agency, who came to the Judiciary of Seychelles to offer their services, received a Certificate of Appreciation from Dr Viveganandan, the co-ordinator of Melvin Jones Fellows as a sign of encouragement and reinforcement of the collaboration of the two organisations.

The Lions of Seychelles also carried out kidney screening for the Judiciary last year.

The activity is the first of several other health related activities planned this year for the Judiciary staff.

The Judiciary firmly believes that a healthier workforce creates happier, satisfied and more efficient employees, and such health initiatives are important for the individuals and the institution.

The accompanying photographs show some highlights of the health screening activity.


Contributed by the Judiciary of Seychelles

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