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SIF assumes responsibility of Ravin de Fond Ferdinand |02 September 2020

SIF assumes responsibility of Ravin de Fond Ferdinand

The meeting with the Ravin de Fond Ferdinand’s staff

Following the retirement of Michel Gardette, Ravin de Fond Ferdinand’s previous chief executive, government took the decision to transfer the responsibility of the Ravin de Fond Ferdinand to the Seychelles Islands Foundation (SIF), effective September 1, 2020.

In assuming this responsibility, SIF is extending its conservation mandate to one of Praslin’s and Seychelles’ most cherished protected areas. As another stronghold of Seychelles’ coco de mer population and considering SIF’s over several decades long track record of scientific research and monitoring of this species, it is a natural progression for our expertise and evidence based approach be extended to the Ravin de Fond Ferdinand. As such, we look forward to sharing our wealth of knowledge of the coco de mer as well as our understanding of the unique ecosystem it creates to ensure the continued effective management and protection of the site.

Likewise, mindful of the Ravin de Fond Ferdinand’s shared value and understanding its history, SIF is committed to ensuring that its responsibility of this site will be different to that of its twining management of the Vallée de Mai and Aldabra Atoll. Moreover, conscious of the many opportunities surrounding the Ravin de Fond Ferdinand, SIF is looking forward to identifying public private partnerships that will enhance the visiting experience of our community and tourists.

Ultimately, to ensure an effective transition SIF is taking an inclusive and participatory approach that will use a public consultation process that seeks to inform and invite Praslinois and all relevant stakeholders to contribute to this protected area’s next chapter.

SIF has already met Ravin de Fond Ferdinand’s staff all of whom have been kept on through new contracts and favourable conditions. SIF’s next steps involve engaging the surrounding community through a survey, public meetings and business workshops. These initiatives, supported by communication with the press and across our social media, will provide a chance for all interested and affected parties to ask questions, raise concerns and share ideas on how the Ravin de Fond Ferdinand can be managed to empower the community, widen business opportunities and extend science, while ensuring sustainability.


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