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Covid-19 patient’s relative unhappy with health authority’s comments |15 September 2020

Since news broke of the most-recently recorded active Covid-19 case, a 57-year-old male from Praslin with no travel history, numerous rumours are being circulated about the said individual and his family members, many of which are unfounded, a close relative of the patient said yesterday.

Seychelles NATION was contacted yesterday morning by the relative who wishes to clarify certain rumours, and who has also expressed dissatisfaction at the proposition of Public Health Commissioner, Dr Jude Gedeon that the patient may have been involved or contracted the virus through illegal activities.

“As it was explained on media, the patient suffers from respiratory problems and was last week admitted to hospital after the respiratory issue flared up. He was released on Friday afternoon but later contacted at around midnight by health officials and was then informed that he tested positive for Covid-19 and would have to be picked up, and was later picked up at 5.30am the following morning,” said the relative to Seychelles NATION.

“The patient, contrary to what has been said, and anyone who knows him can vouch, is a home-buddy. Asides from being employed in an essential service, home is the only place you will find him. It is not fair that it was proposed that he may have contracted the virus through any form of illegal activity. That statement alone is causing the family to be stigmatised, with Praslin being so small and everyone being so familiar with one another,” the informant stated.

The relative further added that the proposition of illegal activities is sparking rumours about the patient and their families, which could potentially be damaging to their reputation. They are of the view that relevant authorities should have handled the situation more discreetly and professionally, so as not to cause panic among the population and subject the individual and loved ones to humiliation.


Laura Pillay


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