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Aline Adela celebrates her milestone 100th birthday |15 September 2020

Aline Adela celebrates her milestone 100th birthday

Mrs Adela on the day of her 100th birthday yesterday (Photo: Thomas Meriton)

Centenarian Aline Adela yesterday celebrated her milestone 100th birthday in the presence of relatives, friends and members of the Pointe Larue community with a special mass at the St John Bosco’s church.

Mrs Adela, whose birthday coincides with the Catholic Feast of the Cross, celebrated the joyous occasion with seven of her nine children, grandchildren and younger generations of her family.

During the service, presiding Priest Collin Underwood said Mrs Adela has been doubly-blessed to have her special day coincide with the Feast of the Cross, a symbolic feast of paramount importance to Catholics, representing the exaltation of the Holy Cross.

“Each day we wake is a blessing and Mrs Adela, who is still strong, with a good memory, in 100 years of life has witnessed many changes. Life has evolved and she has been a witness to the evolution and it is truly an honour to be here today to celebrate your birthday with you,” Father Underwood said.

Mrs Adela did not expect to see a century, although she is grateful to God, she says.

“I was working at the cinnamon factory from a young age. I did not expect to reach this age but only God has kept me. I am happy and I give thanks to God,” said Mrs Adela.

“Life back in the days was different. Everything cost one cent and we survived how we could, ate what we had, breadfruit, rice, cassava,” Mrs Adela reminisced of her younger days.

Mrs Adela had eleven children and two of them have since passed. Two of her children were unable to celebrate her birthday with her due to the fact that they live abroad and have been unable to travel in view of restrictions in place amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

District administrator Begitta Melanie presented the centenarian with a hamper on behalf of the department of local government.


Laura Pillay

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