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Copolia trail ready to move into second stage after successful re-opening |18 September 2020

Copolia trail ready to move into second stage after successful re-opening

The Seychelles National Parks Authority (SNPA) is happy with the public response to the opening of the revamped Copolia trail. Since officially opened as a paid trail in August, the trail has been a resounding attraction particularly to locals and uptake has increased by over 200%. This now makes Copolia one of the most visited trails by Seychellois in the whole of Seychelles.

There is, however, a down side to this success – littering!

SNPA is very happy to receive visitors and the improvements on the trail were made to enhance visitors’ experiences, but littering is now becoming a major concern. Littering has increased in direct correlation with the increase of mostly local visitors. Food items are, for example, left on the trail and SNPA has noticed that there is now a rat infestation of the area. For health reasons, SNPA is now baiting the area to keep the rat population down.

The authority also needed to organise more clean-up trips to remove rubbish left by visitors. SNPA urges people to be more conscious and enjoy without destroying. Bring your rubbish down with you after your walk. There are public bins at the trail entrance where the rubbish can be disposed of safely.

The authority is also urging visitors not to carve their names in trees or other structures. This will allow the authority to keep its maintenance cost to a minimal and make the trail experience more pleasant for all.

Most visitors are however appreciating the facilities of Copolia without causing any damages and SNPA wishes to thank you all for your cooperation. Some visitors are even voluntarily collecting the trash they see on the trail bringing them down on their return. This kind of behaviour is exemplary and SNPA expresses its gratitude to you all for doing this.

SNPA, in partnership with the local residents, is now moving into the second stage of the development of Copolia trail. This will include work at the entrance of the trail itself comprising a small parking area and viewing platform.

This partnership will result in the general improvement to the entrance of the trail, making it safer and more accommodating. The viewing platform will allow visitors to enjoy the view of the inner islands mostly the Ste Anne Marine Park and Eden Island below. Trees obstructing the view will be managed accordingly, and a panoramic board will provide information about the view below.

Though these developments are little in size, SNPA and its partners seek to provide visitors with the best experience of the Copolia trail from the start to the end.

This second stage of development will be 100% funded by the local residents and SNPA is grateful and offers its sincere thanks to them.

The work is expected to start in October if all goes according to plan.


Contributed by S. Remy

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