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Become a ‘Friend’ of the Botanical Gardens today! |07 October 2020

Become a ‘Friend’ of the Botanical Gardens today!

Photos taken during the launch of the FSBG association last year (Source: NBGF)

• Friends enjoy access to exclusive events & experiences, a range of great discounts, while supporting the upkeep & conservation of the Gardens


With plenty of green space to explore and secrets to unearth, there are lots at the Seychelles Botanical Gardens and Biodiversity Centre at Barbarons to keep you, your family, friends and colleagues entertained.

And if you want to become more involved in the activities of these two gardens, you’re invited by the ‘Friends of Seychelles Botanical Gardens’ (FSBG) association to join them as a member, or to purchase a membership to gift to someone special like a friend or a relative.

Seychelles NATION, in an interview with Raymond Brioche, the chief executive of the National Botanical Gardens Foundation (NBGF), learns more about the FSBG and its membership programme.

The association was officially launched in November last year with the aim of supporting and promoting the core functions and activities of the two gardens, as well as educating people about the importance of conservation and the scientific values of the gardens.

This, through a series of projects such as workshops, educational tours, retreats and classes, as well as fundraising activities like gala dinners, musical concerts, art displays, lectures, guided tours, flower exhibitions and horticultural shows.

There are 3 options for people to join as members, each with their own set of benefits: Individual, Family and Corporate (organisations, associations) memberships.

As a Friend, you’ll be one of the first to know about all the events and activities happening at the Gardens; gain access to its exclusive events and experiences; and save money by receiving a range of great discounts on products, services and facilities offered by the NBGF, such as the upcoming bazaar and Christmas market showcasing local produce, arts and crafts.

Members are able to obtain discounted rates when hosting events and activities at the Gardens, such as wedding ceremonies and receptions, corporate meetings, trainings and workshops. They also enjoy discounts on entry fees to events and activities held at the Gardens, including art, relaxation, wellbeing and therapeutic classes.

Your membership in the FSBG in turn allows you to make a major and positive impact as the income generated by the association is used to invest back into the Gardens. You support the Gardens’ work, its upkeep and enhancement, the conservation and preservation for future generations, as well as educational and recreational programmes.

Beyond these benefits, you are able to invest in your own health and wellbeing by spending more time in nature where there is much less air, noise and visual pollution, where you can interact with others, make friends and relax.

You can also enjoy knowing that you are part of a group of people who are passionate about nature – one that is dedicated to serving the Gardens, our community and the visitors to Seychelles.

For more information or to register as a member:

-           Collect a membership registration form at the NBGF headquarters, Botanical Garden, Mont Fleuri

-           Contact the NBGF headquarters: Call 4 29 53 00

-           Contact the FSBG association: Call 2 57 96 71; Email or

-           Visit to provide your email address and receive a subscription form



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