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Karting: Round 5 |16 October 2020

Two more rounds remaining before season ends


The 2020 karting season has run five of its seven rounds since the restart of the season in June, and has just two more rounds to go before the extraordinary season ends.

However, the season has proved to be both more demanding and has produced a lot more excitement than normal.

The present championship leaders for the various categories are Liza Rene-Cosgrow (SF1), Dean Germain (SF2), Loïc Scharfenberg (SF3), Eric Maillet (SF4), Arth Shah (SF5) and Enzo Lionnet (SF6).

SF1 has been dominated so far by Liza Rene-Cosgrow with 107 points but has her father Dave Rene just 3 points adrift on 104. Roland Delcy holds third with 58 points while newcomers to the class, Rennick Bonnelame and Steven Rosalie are on 48 points each.

This weekend’s event will definitely be decisive for both the championship title hopefuls as well as for both Rennick and Steven as they fight it out for top points.

SF2 has had a shake-up with new drivers being promoted at the last event, but Dean Germain has a big lead of 78.5 points over second placed Mitra Labrosse on 55.5 points, while Krisl Gopal is third on 33.5 points. Christian Bastienne is fourth on 24 points, Stephan Simon fifth with 21 points, Loïc Scharfenberg sixth with 14 points, Denilson Melanie seventh with 8 points and Damien Bonnelame eighth with 7 points. Both Loïc and Denilson have recently been promoted and Loïc has already rattled the cage in this class with a good third place in his first race last weekend.

SF3 is headed by Cedric Ah-Time with 105 points with Loïc, before his promotion, still holding on to second position with 90 points, followed by Denilson Melanie on 70 and Jean-David Melanie on 68, Carlos Renaud on 40, Dean Maillet on 14 and his brother Eric on 10.

This class was also given a shake-up with both Eric and Dean Maillet being promoted from the SF4 class. Despite being promoted, Eric Maillet still leads the table with 80.5 points with brother Dean on 66, Jean-Paul Guichard on 30 and Salama Entete on 14.

The SF5 category is being dominated by Arth Shah this season and he looks likely to win the title with a point tally of 125 points. Darrel Gabriel seems to be his only rival with 90 points, followed by Jean-Paul Bonte on 58, Tamnay Raghwani on 42 and Marius Samson on 40.

SF6 has been a close battle between the Lionnet twin brothers ‒ Enzo and Delroy. Enzo has the lead for the moment with 118 points with Delroy on 97. Yohan Cadeau has made a remarkable improvement this year and he holds a strong third position with 70 points, followed by Elvin Sofa with 48, Theo Dewea with 12 and Juran Lablache with 10.

The championship will be fought out between the top three at the final rounds with Enzo having the edge.




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