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SeyCCAT to mark 5th anniversary with week-long exhibition |05 November 2020

The Seychelles’ Conservation and Climate Adaptation Trust (SeyCCAT), one of Seychelles’ loudest voices and international game changers in ocean conversation, will commemorate its five-year anniversary with a week-long exhibition starting November 9.

In November 2015, SeyCCAT was established. This came after the debt-for-nature swap which saw US $21.6 million of Seychelles’ external debt re-structured on more favourable terms. This was a first of its kind in Seychelles and in ocean conservation. SeyCCAT, a non-profit trust fund, was set up to oversee and manage this initiative, which ultimately relayed into investments in ocean stakeholders in Seychelles. Its main objectives encompass education, bold actions, and sustainable blue prosperity.

To commemorate this anniversary, SeyCCAT is organising a week-long exhibition and activities to showcase its journey over the past five years. The exhibition will be structured in several parts, each one of which will be dedicated to a particular aspect of, phase of or project (being) undertaken by SeyCCAT.


Blue Bond

Blue Bond is an innovative financial instrument, first launched globally by the Seychelles’ government, to raise financing from capital market investors for projects that support the sustainable use of ocean resources. Out of the US $15 million raised, US $3 million is being managed by SeyCCAT for such projects.


Approved projects

Thirty-four (34) projects have been approved by SeyCCAT between 2017 and 2019 under the Blue Grants Fund.


Nekton Mission

A SeyCCAT partnership with Nekton (a not-for-profit research foundation and a UK registered charity established to accelerate the scientific exploration and protection of the ocean) saw five research projects led by different individuals in the Seychelles.


Seagrass meadows

Research is on-going to quantify the extent of which seagrasses in Seychelles contribute to the removal of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. The project has three main focus: the mapping of seagrasses, quantifying CO2 absorption rates/capacity and awareness raising of the subject on a national scale.

Over the week-long period, SeyCCAT is also organising:

Lunch Time Talks

The talks, which are open to the public, aim to cover several topics such as SeyCCAT’s achievements and opportunities, the wonders of gomon, Seychelles’ climate change plan and the mapping of Seychelles waters resulting in 30% of our seas being protected. Experts in these respective fields will offer explanations to the public of what these projects are about, why they are important, and of course, what is next.

Movie screening

The 2014 documentary Mission Blue, which follows oceanographer Sylvia Earle’s campaign to save the world's oceans from threats such as overfishing and toxic waste, will be screened at Deepam Cinema on Saturday November 14. The general public will be invited to purchase tickets for the viewing which will be followed by discussions with experts on the topics which the documentary addresses.

Art & Poem Competition – The Voice of Seagrass Meadows

15 secondary schools are scheduled to visit the exhibition over the course of the week. In order to raise interest and awareness on the importance of seagrasses among the students, an art and poem competition is being organised to allow them to express their thoughts and understanding of the topic through art. The competition is open to S1-S5 students only and is being sponsored by Semi-Sub

Aside from showcasing its projects and raising awareness on climate change adaptation, SeyCCAT is also hoping to end the exhibition with a bank of ideas and suggestions from the public on what they feel it could engage in and explore going forward.


Contributed by SeyCCAT

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