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10th Indian Ocean Island Games (IOIG) – Mauritius – July 19-28, 2019 |12 July 2019

Final selections known


All sporting federations whose disciplines are included in the upcoming 10th Indian Ocean Island Games scheduled for Mauritius from July 19-28 have finalised their selections, totalling to 228 athletes who will receive their sending off from President Danny Faure this afternoon.

The ceremony, at the International Conference Centre (ICCS), will be attended by Designated Minister Macsuzy Mondon who is also responsible for sports; the president of the Seychelles Olympic and Commonwealth Games Association (Socga) Antonio Gopal, who is also the president of the Conseil International des Jeux (Cij), along with other government and sports officials. It will also feature some athletes marching in the uniform they will wear at the games.

There will also be the presentation of kits by representatives of the Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB) Seychelles branch which is one of the Games’ official sponsors.

Still during the ceremony, the Seychelles flag will be handed over to Sportsman of the Year boxer Keddy Agnes who will be the country’s flag bearer at the opening ceremony.

Other than the 228 athletes (147 males and 81 females), Team Seychelles will also feature 97 officials.

Out of the 14 sports on the Games calendar, Seychelles will be competing in 13, including handisports.

Apart from rugby, Team Seychelles will compete in football, basketball, volleyball, boxing, table tennis, weightlifting, athletics, yachting, swimming, judo, cycling, badminton and beach volleyball.

The athletes and officials will leave the country on Wednesday July 17 on two chartered Air Seychelles flights.


The Seychelles delegation:

Conseil International des Jeux (Cij) guests : Designated Minister Macsuzy Mondon, youth and sports principal secretary Fabian Palmyre, Socga president Antonio Gopal, Rita Gopal, Hugh Adam, Dorothy Adam, Alain Alcindor, Ryan Alcindor, Beguitta Jeannevol, Ronnie Ryland and Penny Belmont

Chef de mission: Jean Larue

Head of delegation: Eddie Micock

Head of male delegation: Terrence Barbé

Head of female delegation: Dorothy Isidore

Secretariat: Juliana Aglaé, Archange Balisa, Rita Port-Louis, Marie-Anne Suzette, Roy Valentin, Diana Menesse and May-Rose Raoul


Athletics: Menjel Kilindo, Caleb Vadivello, Ricardo Suzette, Ned Azemia, Dylan Sicobo, Geno Belle, Denzel Adam, Noris Brioche, Joshua Onezime, Stefano Bibi, Carlos Roucou, Ronny Bristol, Yannick Magnan, Sharry Dodin, Iven Moïse, Leeroy Henriette, Clint Stravens, Silly Gaylord, Nerry Luc, Dean William, Janosh Moncherry, Michel Evenor, Simon Labiche (male athletes), Tessy Bristol, Amelie Charles, Shanna Jouanneau, Natacha Chetty, Ishveen Paulin, Shakira Joubert, Debrah Servina, Natacha Bibi, Stephanie Legras (female athletes), Giovanni Fanny, Joseph Adam, Gerish Rachel, Carlos Sanchez, Linda Jeanne, Alexander Rodriguez (coaches), Fabien Belle (acting as SAF chairman), Joseph Volcy, Beryl Laramé (team managers) and Antoinette Esparon (official)


Badminton: Jakim Renaud, Aaron Malcouzane, Kervin Ghislain, Jie Brandon Luo, Steve Malcouzane, Irvin Bonté (male players), Allisen Camille, Danielle Jupiter, Xiang Laura Luo (female players), Vanessa Créa (official), Calix Francourt, Joel Dubel (coaches), Nagalingum Sunassee (acting as SBA president)


Basketball: Timmy Adam, Steven André, Khris Bouchereau, Solomon Alao, Stan Tomking, Kris André, Dave Roseline, Stan Jean, Ahmadou Sylla, Abdel Sylla, Faisel Naiken, Andrew Rath (male players), Tasha Barbé, Guyra Boniface, Sarah Rose, Beguitta Fontaine, Simone Malbrook, Samia Asba, Jana Malbrook, Solange François, Kettyna Figaro, Sherifah Agathine, Myra Solin, Magdeline Julienne (female players), Dominic Pillay, Gregoire Scholastique, Michel Malbrook, Tony Juliette (coaches), Terry Celeste (SBF president), Randall Haefner (technical advisor), Adrian Pillay (hors quota), Damyen Hoareau, Atilla Cadence, Fred Hypolite (officials), Joliff Nicette, Juliana Laporte (team managers)


Beach volleyball: Danny Marie, Guilly Bijoux, Henrico Ernesta, Gerry Lozaique (male players), Ingrid Frederick, Sheryl Labiche, Terrille Songoire, Nathalie Agnes-Sauer (female players), François Magloire, Roy Dijoux (coaches), Gaetan William (official) and Elsia Vidot (team manager)


Boxing: Jovet Jean, Alexson Prudence, Nelson Molle, Shain Boniface, Edrian Volcère, Andrique Allisop, Keddy Agnes (boxers), Roland Raforme, Rival Payet, Gerry Legras (coaches), Jacques Bonne (acting as Saba chairman) and John Figaro (official)


Cycling: Ahmad Arissol, Christopher Gerry, Xerxes Larue, Denus Oredy, Jean-Yves Souyave (athletes), Lucas Georges (SCA president), Joseph Clothilde, Graham Bristol (officials) andJeris Dufresne (referee)


Football: Alvin Michel, Brian Dorby, Darrel Damoo, Don Fanchette, Gervais Waye-Hive, Ian Ah-kong, Jude Nancy, Juninho Mathiot, Perry Monnaie, Rashim Padayachy, Roddy Melanie, Stenio Marie, Yannick Manoo, Senky Vidot, Elijah Tamboo, Keren Sinon, Rendy Emile, Colin Esther, Colin Bibi, Jones Joubert (players), Gavin Jeanne, James Barra (coaches), Nelson Sopha (goalkeeper coach), Davis Khan (team manager), Steve Marie, Egbert Havelock, Eldrick Adelaide (referees), andEmmanuel Lucas (acting as SFF president)


Judo: Veronia Lesperance, Soffya Capricieuse, Stacey Chang-Pen-Tive, Nathaella Volcère, Marie-Annette Vidot (female judokas), Dominic Dugasse, Derick Croisé, Jean-Michel Vidot, Lionel Savy, Nantenaina Finesse, Keith Larue, Dario Larue (male judokas), Paddy King, Naddy Jeanne, Juan Carlos Suarez Sosa (coaches), Terry Mothée, Stephan Joubert (referees) and Henry Moustache (acting as SJF president)


Swimming: Tyler Fred, Mathieu Bachmann, Simon Bachmann, Joshua Miller, Hayden Ah-Wan, Lenel Ah-Wan, Samuele Rossi, Adam Moncherry, Damien Payet, Dean Hoffman (male swimmers), Liliana Mason, Khema Elizabeth, Aliyah Palestrini, Felicity Passon, Therese Soukup, Sophie Frichot (female swimmers), Maureen Payet (team manager), Kenny Roberts (mentor/coach), Stefano Palestrini, Adrian Nanty (coaches), Vanessa Narty (assistant coach), Louise Moncherry (referee) andLaurette Miller (acting as SWA president)


Table tennis: Christy Bristol Kilindo, Fatima Boniface, Margaret Chang-Time, Aurelie Toussaint, Anniessa Benstrong, Laura Sinon (female players), Dorian Banane, Nicholas Esther, Mario de Charmoy-Lablache, Godfrey Sultan, Garry Elizabeth, Mick Créa (male players), Agnelle Landry, Yannick Nicette (referees) André Low-Thion (acting as STTA president), Janice Mellie and Arif Khan (coaches)


Volleyball: Manuella Monthy, Petra Richard, Atila Bonnelame, Catrina Simon, Nayeli Etienne, Belira Jacqueline, Maya Biong, Petrina Victor, Genevieve Nicette, Hilary Nourrice, Angelique Adeline, Vanita Rose (female players), Adrian César, Corey Toussaint, Darren Young, Hendrick Cathene, Jean-Paul Mellie, Jean-Phillipe Vidot, Percy Riaze, Rodney Ah-kong, Sam Dine, Sarel Leon, Shaine Farabeau, Sylvestre César (male players), Olivier Sauer, Ruudy Joseph, Julien Onezime, Virginie Richard (coaches), Christine Joubert (acting as SVF president), Antoine Estico (team manager), Derick Andrew and Elvis Docteur (umpires)


Weightlifting: Chakira Rose, Anisha Valmont, Romentha Larue, Kathsia Télémaque, Brenda Lozaique, Joelita Coloma, Janet Georges, Clementina Agricole (female lifters), Elvis Simeon Daryl Riage, Hensel Bristol, Terrence Dixie, Rick Confiance, Romeo Simeon, Angelo Servina, Steven Baccus, Cyrous Farabeau, Dereck Come (male lifters), Pierre Dixie, Reginald Estro (referees), William Dixie, Macdonald Henriette (coaches) andRobert Rose (SWF president)


Yachting: Jacquelin Languilla, Bertrand de Charmoy Lablache, Rodney Govinden, Kenny Constance, Loïc D’Offay, Allan Julie, Paul Morel, Dominique Labrosse, Rayen Radegonde, Dominic D’Offay de Rieux (male sailors), Chantal Hoffman, Alison Hoareau (female sailors), Diogo de Sousa Rocha Laranja Pontes and Francis Duval (coaches)


Handisports: Rosie Coralie, Lorna Sophola, Odile Felix (athletics handisports female), Damien Thérésine, Michael Andrew, Richard Sophola, Michael Jean (athletics handisports male), Daniel Accouche, Janil Lucas (swimming handisports male), Jeannette Marie, Stephanie Mondon (swimming handisports female), Robert Suzette, Sultane Cadeau, Vanessa Agathine, Jean Vardin, Frank Accouche, Terry Volcère (coaches), Vincent Cedras and Erica Celeste (acting as presidents)


Medical team: Sanjeev Kumar Pugazhendi, Gracey Narty, Joselle Labrosse, Guy Agricole, Aarthi Palanimanickam, Martin Barios, Tetyana Kozyr-Voloschuk, Dave Malcouzane, Luc Estrale, kenneth Sherwin and Derick Sauzier


Youth delegation of the Seychelles National Youth Council: Rahim Desnousse, Julius Kilindo, Evince Rosalie, Charlaine Lafortune, Santina Moumou, Kelcy Bristol, Armande Bastienne, Lyza Savy, Guyra Derjaques, Elkira Anacoura, Dario Augustin, Julio Pool, Jude Victor and Jefferson Asba (participants), Ereeva Adrienne and Louiselle Florentine (officials)


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