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Toned-down Fashion Week this year |21 December 2020

Toned-down Fashion Week this year
  • Fashion Week 2021 in the making


By Elsie Pointe


A more tone-downed version of the illustrious Seychelles Fashion Week was organised yesterday afternoon at the ICCS, with the participation of six designers.

The third Seychelles Fashion Week was re-dubbed the Seychelles Night yesterday afternoon with a smaller budget and venue, but with the same enthusiasm.

Terry Carolla, the organiser, noted that the novel coronavirus had affected plans to hold the Fashion Week in mid-year, in June or July, and they were forced to scrap the event all together in March.

Attempts to organise a virtual show was unsuccessful as international designers were also under lockdown and sponsorships dried up.

According to Mr Carolla, over 60 models and 15 designers would have participated in the 2020 Fashion Week if Covid-19 had not reared its ugly head.

Nonetheless, with a ‘show must go on’ mindset Mr Carolla opted for a more modest show.

The designers who showcased their work yesterday were well-known Darren Esther with his Da Extra collection that infuses music with fashion; Ivan Capricieuse with locally made accessories, Natasha Laval with Nwadkoko accessories; Fina Zialor and Oushnajohn Labrosse with OJZ.

Nigerian designer Nancy Iwauagwu, who had previously participated in the previous Seychelles Fashion Week, also had her designs modelled, even if she was not in Seychelles to attend the event.

Designer from Praslin, Ousnajohn noted that her participation in the Seychelles Night was an opportunity to promote her OJZ collection as well as to promote buying locally.

“OJZ Seychelles gives every woman a touch of elegance. The lingerie I showcased brings something different because I do not see many Seychellois designers creating lingerie. Even the leather bags and accessories are not that common, but it goes to show that we can create these things locally, so do buy local.”

Fina Zialor, a past winner of the Fon Lanmal, said that she jumped on the bandwagon to participate in the fashion show with the aim of showcasing her designs in the only local fashion event for this year.

“My collection was inspired by tropical colours and our African, European and Asian heritage[…]Covid-19 had not affected my creative process, I was busy designing and doing other work during these time and was ready when I received the call for the show.”

In between the fashion displays, a panel of experts discussed the local fashion industry and its potentials and challenges, financing in this industry and the impacts of Covid-19 on designers.

The panellists included SFW organiser Mr Carolla, director of the Seychelles Institute of Art and Design (Siad) Christine Chetty, chief executive of Enterprise Seychelles Agency (Esa) Angelique Appoo and founder of clothing brand Seylingo, Ronny Julius.

The fashion show also saw performances by local singers Mia and Telsy.

Will we see a fourth SFW next year? According to Mr Carolla, the answer is an affirmative yes.

“We are definitely planning to organise a Seychelles Fashion Week in 2021 and we have already started negotiations with a lot of partners for that to happen. We are giving ourselves about a year to do it, and we are planning to do it in November, from the 24th onwards.”

The Seychelles Night will be televised on SBC later this month.

Our selection of photographs show some highlights of the ceremony yesterday evening.


Photos: Joena Meme

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