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Nars condemns circulation of patient’s confidential health information on social media |04 January 2021

The Nurses Association of the Republic of Seychelles (Nars) condemns actions of anyone who is circulating confidential health information of patients on social media.

This practice is non-ethical and Nars is recommending that the health professional regulatory bodies investigate the source of these publications and appropriate action to be taken.

Nars is also seeking the support of employers in curbing such practice.

As a reminder we should at all times be providing health care services to our clients with trust, confidence and above all respect.

I take this opportunity to wish all dedicated health workers especially nurses in the frontline, to continue to safeguard the lives of everyone affected, through holistic care for all types of patients and respond to this crisis with more confidence.

Though you are faced with staff shortages, depression related to anxiety and fear of infection, exhaustion and stress related workload, do not bring down your guard, protect yourself through corrective, consecutively wearing of personal protective equipment (PPE).

As nurses we took oaths to promote health, preserve life with dignity and respect.

Stay safe.


Rosie Bistoquet

Nars President

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