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Over 25,000 people get first dose of Covid-19 vaccines |29 January 2021

Over 25,000 people get first dose of Covid-19 vaccines

Twenty-one thousand five hundred and seven (21,507) doses of the Sinopharm vaccine and 4080 of the COVISHIELD vaccines have been administrated in the country since the vaccination programme was rolled out on January 10, 2020,

according to the latest data compiled on Wednesday January 27.

With 21% of its population already vaccinated, Seychelles is ranked third in the world (behind Israel {32.4%} and United Arab Emirates {25.42%}) in terms of the number of people who have received at least a first dose of vaccine against Covid-19 (see accompanying graph).

On Tuesday our senior citizens started to get their first jabs and the vaccination campaign is going on strong in the different centres around the country.

For Sinopharm the numbers are as follows: Yellow roof vaccination centre has recorded the highest number of doses administered up to now with a total of 3958, closely followed by Green Roof with 3533 and ICCS with 3459 vaccines administered.

Red roof (opening day) – 94; Anse Royale DA - 3154; Praslin – 280; La Digue -1044; Land Marine - 498; SCAA - 622; Hunt Deltel - 292; IOT - 1250; SPDF - 384; Beau Vallon DA Office - 1533; Grand Anse Mahé DA Office - 1136, Seychelles Breweries - 150 and IDC - 120.

For COVISHIELD the numbers are as follows: Yellow Roof – 181; ICCS – 1155; Anse Royale – 732; Praslin – 516; Beau Vallon – 800; Grand Anse Mahé - 677 and IDC 19.

To recall, the vaccines are not mandatory but the public is advised to get them to better protect themselves and others.


Vidya Gappy


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